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Offering a diamond engagement ring to your beloved

In the 15th century, Archduke Maximilian offered a diamond engagement ring to his bride Mary of Burgundy to promise her future marriage. Thus began the tradition of the engagement ring. Today, Private Diamond Club offers you beautiful diamond engagement rings, directly from Antwerp. You will find a wide selection of diamond engagement rings to satisfy every taste and every desire. With traditional or original designs, please the person that you love by offering her a diamond engagement ring.

Symbol of the strength of commitment and love, a diamond engagement ring is a gem that will mark forever the spirit of your soul mate. Private Diamond Club offers the settings of engagement rings in 18K yellow, white, or pink gold. Mounts can be fine, to emphasize a diamond of a beautiful size; and wider, if it is a smaller stone.

How to choose your diamond engagement ring?

Choosing a diamond engagement ring is very important and depends on many factors, such as color, clarity, cut and weight of the diamond. In addition, an engagement ring has to suit the tastes of the person, her age and style. According to all these important points, Private Diamond Club of Antwerp offers you a rich catalog of engagement rings. We provide you with diamond buyers’ guide to understand better all the features of this eternal stone.

For all your questions about diamond engagement rings, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to offer you alternative models that will meet your tastes and your budget.