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Antwerp is the World Diamond Capital

The main Diamond Exchange Centers of the World are located in Antwerp, New York, Tel Aviv, London and Bombay.
By far, the most important one is in Antwerp where 70% of the world diamond market for cutted diamonds is traded as well as more than 80% of the total world production of rough diamond.
The Private Diamond Club is located in the heart of Antwerp , in the Diamond Exchange Building, which is also the world's largest jewelery market.
The Private Diamond Club works directly with the Antwerp Diamond Cutting Shops and is threrefore able to offer 30% to 50% lower prices than those usually found in traditional highstreet jewelleries.
Our supply of diamonds come from legal and non-war sources respecting strictly the Kimberley Process rules.

Certified and Upper quality Diamonds

The diamonds that we propose on our web-site are all of upper quality up to exceptional.
Diamonds are classified according to 8 quality criteria: the shape, the weight expressed in carats, the color exceptional white plus to tinted (light yellow, brown or gray), the purity which defines the number of inclusions of impurities into the matter of the diamond, the proportions, the symmetry, the polishing and the degree of fluorescence (the less a diamond is fluorescent the more rare it is and higher its value is ).
All of these quality criteria have a huge impact on the price of a diamond. The higher the gradations of the diamond criteria are, the higher the value is and vice versa.
This is why each jewel page of the web-site clearly informs you about the level of these criteria, especially for the color and the clarity.

Official certificates (issued by the HRD of Antwerp, the GIA of New York or the IGI of Antwerp) that attest to the quality of the diamond you buy on our web-site will accompany your jewel.

Custom manufacturing

Our diamonds set on gold or platinum rings, on earrings or pendants etc ... are made to measure according to your request. Although our catalog is particularly large, we are at your disposal for any special request from you.

From order to delivery, we make every effort to satisfy you

You can pay your jewel by credit card or bank transfer. Your jewel will be delivered to you free of charge by FeDex according to a particular procedure ensuring the good progress of the delivery.
Here are the main steps: taking care of your jewelry by MALCA -AMIT (private company specialized since more than 25 years in the transportation of valuable goods all over the world ) and FeDex. A tracking number allows you to track the transportation of your package.

This transport is insured by the ANGLO BELGE insurance company.
The Certificate of Authenticity (for diamonds weighing more than 0.35 carat) and the invoice accompany your order which is delivered in a jewel case of the Private Diamond Club.
You have 30 days to try your jewel: you have the opportunity to ask for mounting your jewel on another setting in case the chosen one does not suit you.

By choosing your jewelry on the Private Diamond Club website, you are assured of the quality and seriousness of a true Antwerp Diamond Jewel Manufacturer!

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