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The revolution is underway !

Finally, transparency is taking place in the diamond and jewelery serctors.

Many professionals take full advantage of the ignorance of individuals.

The world of diamonds and jewellery is a secret world, opaque and sometimes even fearsome.

There is a high risk of being ripped off if you do not know about the 8 quality criteria !

indeed, the price of a single diamond or mounted jewel depends on these 8 diamond quality criteria that are:

weight in carat clarity color degree of fluorescence
shape proportions symmetry degree of polishing

For example, a round diamond of one carat can be worth 4 000 € up to 25 000 € according to the gradation of these 8 criteria.

For other colored gemstones (rubies, sapphires and emeralds) it is even easier to be fooled by unscrupulous sellers since color gradation is not possible.

Fortunately laboratories allow you to track and verify the authenticity of diamonds ann jewelery. They are few in the world: Antwerp HDR Antwerp, GIA New York and IGI Antwerp.

On the other hand, individuals rarely consult them, preferring to rely on salespeople, while the 8 criteria are written in full on these internationally recognized certificates.

Beware, however, of certificates of convenience and systematically refuse the certificates of which the issuer is judge and party. This is the case of some jewelers. Mistrust !!!

It is high time to be totally transparent :

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp distributes directly to the public, without intermediaries or point of sales, around 400 jewelry models exclusively via internet in many countries.

This live sale of antwerp workshops allows us to offer you our diamond jewelry, of equal quality, at prices 40% lower on average compared to those found in traditional high-street jewelers in the countries concerned..

This direct production mode also allow us to send you a quotation for jewelry on demand and made to measure. Just submit a drawing or a picture of the desired jewel for a free study.

The diamonds in jewelry or sold alone from the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are all of ultra superior qualities and include: sont tous de qualités ultra- supérieures et notamment :

  • a zero degree of fluorescence (the rarest!)
  • an excellent degree of finish (no trace of rough on the facets)
  • an excellent symmetry (the best refraction of light)
  • an excellent proportions (the best transparency)

Only one of these criteria that would be average or bad would lose 10 to 20% of value to your diamond.

The diamonds of Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are all certified? Starting from 0,30 carat by the best laboratories of authenticity in the world quoted above : the HRD of Antwerp (Hoge Raad Voor Diamond) or the GIA of New-York (Gemological Institute of America) or the IGI of Antwerp (International Gemological Institute).

The worlwide reputation of the quality of manufacture and the settings of Antwerp is not to be done !

The manufacture of mounts and the settings of precious stones are handmade by craftsmen-jewelers with a long tradition of antwerp that is passed on from generation to generation.

The diamonds of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are all conflict-free diamonds.

The rules of the « Kimberley Process » are strictly adhered to, particularly as regards the traceability of diamonds from the mine to the cutting-shops.

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp : your diamond jewelry of ultra-superior quality is 40% cheaper than in the traditional high-street jewelers of the concerned countries !

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