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A sparkling world of diamond jewelry at a click away

Published : 2015-01-08 09:48:17
Categories : Private Diamond Club

The expertise of master jewelers

The know-how of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp, a diamond and fine jeweler online, is based on a long tradition of Antwerp ;  master jewelers who have always been committed, for several generations, to creating with art and passion, from the most beautiful diamonds, diamond jewelry highly appreciated by the « Haute Joaillerie ».

The leaders of the Club, along with their jewelery experts and Antwerp cutters, have contributed to the development of diamond activities in Antwerp and are, for a long time, highly sought after specialists in the field of Antwerp Diamond, Antwerp Jewelery and loose Diamond as a safe investment.

The luxury of getting a diamond jewel from Antwerp is finally available

The price / quality ratio is really exceptional because the online sales of jewelry and diamonds to individuals are directly from Antwerp, World Capital of the Diamond, without intermediary and any point of sale.

At the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp everything is possible and its experts are at your disposal  to help you in your choice.

The number of models presented online is important but that available on demand is even more:

  • Rings and solitaires : like diamond wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond ring « you and me » (for her and him), diamond trilogy ring etc ...
  • Diamond Engagement Rings: For your engagement offer a solitaire as an engagement ring or a solitaire like a central diamond-cut ring that will sublimate the brilliance of the diamond, or for a larger ring like a paved diamond ring surrounded with small diamonds or a diamond ring accompanied
  • Your diamond solitaire ring can also be used as a wedding wedding ring and are available in different arrangements: 4 or 6 claws for instance
  • For a more economical version of your diamond wedding band you can opt for a diamond half-alliance, with the diamonds on the visible side of the ring
  • Diamond earrings : a wide choice is offered to you like diamond chips,  diamond hoops, diamond hollows etc…
  • Diamond pendants and necklaces : different shapes of pendants are available: solitaire diamond pendant, diamond love tears, simple diamond pendant, diamond lace pendants and necklaces,  diamond rivers, articulated diamond necklaces, diamond rigid necklaces…
  • Diamond bracelets : diamond tennis bracelets, chains and diamonds bracelets , rigid diamond bracelets, diamond bracelets with so  many different model desgns are available.

The premises of Antwerp's Private Diamaond Club, which is open to all, is located in the heart of Antwerp's diamond district in the world-famous Diamond Exchange Building of the world diamond capital.

Price and quality of our diamond jewelry

Antwerp is recognized worldwide for the excellence of the quality of its diamonds which the Private Diamaond Club of Antwerp acquires directly fromthe cutting shops or from  the Antwerp  diamond Exchange centers. The strictest selection by the best Antwerp experts, based on the 8 top diamond criteria (diamond shape, diamond weight, diamond color, diamond fluorescence, diamond clarity, diamond symmetry, diamond proportions and diamond finishes) ) provides exceptional value for money and the trust that the Kimberley Process, ensuring that diamonds come from a legal source, is scrupulously respected.

Diamond jewelery from the Private Diamond Club is made in the Antwerp Club's workshops with top-quality diamonds set on 18-carat gold or platinum settings. These diamonds are certified by one of the three most important independent laboratories recognized worldwide: the Hoge Raad Voor Diamond Antwerp (HRD) - The Gemological Institute of America of New York (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute of Antwerp ( IGI).

Prices that are offered directly to individuals on the internet are, on average 40 to 60% lower than those usually found on the market of traditional jewelers and since they are exempt from the costs of intermediaries, stores etc ...

Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry are delivered free of charge by hand to hand , within 8 days, by The tansport company, FEDERAL EXPRESS ( FEDEX ).

Private Diamond Club of Antwerp's Team

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