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Diamond history

Published : 2017-05-10 14:32:46
Categories : Diamond

Old as our continents, the diamond is also the hardest, the most indestructible of terrestrial rocks. Its material consists of pure carbon crystallized at very high pressure and very high temperature.

These oldest rocks are more than 3 billion years old.

With the exception of a few diamonds "from the sky" during the fall of large meteorites on our planet, the ones we discover on earth have formed 200 kilometers deep, where the earth's crust is the most thick.

Volcanic eruptions have brought to the surface of the earth these rocks called "kimberlite" from which the diamond is extracted. Covered in volcanic rock, the kimberlite is slowly raised to the surface by narrow chimneys (or pipes) ending in a crater. All this for a solitaire diamond or a unique diamond ring.

Erosion and runoff gradually led to the most superficial rocks, from brooks to rivers to the sea.

The first known source of diamonds is in the south of India and dates back to the 9th century. Only much later, at the beginning of the 18th century, was discovered the first source of diamonds outside India: in Brazil. The inhabitants of ancient India saw in the diamond a "fragment of eternity". They dressed like a talisman and traded it.

Curiously ignored by the Greeks, considered by the Romans as "the most precious of all earthly goods", the diamond was first prized only for its mythical character. Our ancestors of the Middle Ages even attributed to it a magical influence and healing virtues.

It is only since the fifteenth century, with the development of the "brilliant" size (old to 36 facets) that the diamond has revealed beyond its fundamental value, its extraordinary aesthetic interest.

Today, what has long been luxury and passion is seen from a more pragmatic eye. By buying a diamond, you always concede to pleasure but also to reason.

Formerly prerogative of the princes and great of this world, the diamond is no longer inaccessible. It represents a sentimental value, the one that men have given to this most extraordinary jewel, the one that every woman dreams of wearing one day.

The Private Diamond Club Antwerp is doing everything possible to make this dream come true.

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