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Diamonds of natural colors : blue

Published : 2019-05-18 08:35:06
Categories : Diamond

Do not confuse the color of diamond with diamonds of natural colors

As you know now, the color of a white diamond ranges from D (exceptional white +) to Z ( heavy tinted ). Last month we already talked about black diamonds ... ...

But there are different other colors for diamonds.

These different colors are due to the presence of impurity in the diamond. For once these impurities bring value to the diamond ! Indeed, the pure, colorless diamond does not absorb the light waves and reflects them all. The reflected light is therefore white or colorless for the human eye.

Blue Diamond

It is the boron that gives the blue diamonds their blue color more or less pronounced.

It is found mainly in the mines of :

  • Argyle Mine in Australia
  • Culligan Mine in South Africa
  • Golonconda Mine in India

Extremely rare, their auction value often peaks.

IThere are many color variations: Light Blue, Deep Blue, Bright Blue, Deep Blue, Deep Purplish Blue, Light Blue Gray, Dark Blue Gray, Deep Grayish Blue, Greenish Blue, Deep Green-Blue , Bright Green-Green, Deep Green-Blue, Greennessish Greenish Blue.

Famous Blue Diamond

The Bleu de France, the blue diamond of the French crown was bought by Louis XIV to Jean-Bastiste Tavernier back from India in 1668.
It weighed 112 and 3/16 carats of the time, or 115.16 carats of now.

First left in the state, that is to say according to the size made in India which aimed to keep the largest diamond possible at the expense of its brilliance, it was resized under the orders of the monarch in 1671 in order to improve shine.

Jean Pittan, the jeweler of the court, put 2 years to fix the drawing and 2 years still to make the size.

It weighed about 69 carats then. A true masterpiece of pedestrian work, with its 72 facets, its odd double symmetry (order 3 and 7) and the perfection of its size ; it was set in a kind of brooch that the king wore to his scarf during parties.

He disappeared in 1792, stolen from the Hotel du Garde meuble. He was not found until 2007.
As early as 1856 several experts speculated that the Hope diamond would be the blue diamond cut.

diamant hope
Diamant Hope, named after the English banker who bought it around 1824 from Daniel Eliason

They are based on inaccurate sketches of the original blue diamond that do not allow a definite conclusion.
In 2007, professor of mineralogy François Farges discovers a lead model of the Blue Diamond.

Lead model of the blue diamond

This makes it possible to say with almost certainty that the Hope diamond comes from a cut (made hastily and therefore of much lower quality than the original diamond) of the Blue Diamond.

Hope diamond cut from the blue diamond of France

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