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Get informed before buying diamond jewels

Published : 2019-11-25 21:13:12
Categories : Practical advises

We were talking to you last time about this customer who, if not interested in the 8 criteria of quality of the diamond, paid his diamond 2 times its true value.

This shows that, even more than in other areas, you need to be deeply concerned in the quality of the stones you covet and beware of "good deals"!

Many web sites, especially private sales sites, offer very regularly "tempting" offers sometimes up to 75% discount on the public price.

An alliance goes for example from 1150 € to 290 €. A good deal in itself ! No ?

It is worth looking at this more closely.

The setting to start with : it is in gold 375/1000 (or 9 carats gold) far from an optimal quality of 18 carats (750/1000).
Even if the price of the frame is only about 10% of the value of a diamond jewel, know that the 9-carat gold is much less resistant in time, tarnishes much more and faster than gold 18 carats. So you risk very quickly to be disappointed (e) of your jewel or to have the stone loosened to the first addict on the ring.

Let's go now to the heart of the ring: the diamond.

What does the private sales site tell us?

  •     The ring is set with 2 diamonds of 0.14 carat.
  •     Color and gradation of the clarity: J P1 ... in clear a diamond color very "medium" ...and a bad clarity.
  •     What about the other criteria? There is no mention of Them ... Surely because they are even less brilliant than that of color!
  •     Then we are informed that each jewel is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

With certainty, we can affirm, with regard to the selling price of the jewel and the cost of an official certificate that if these documents exist they a house certificates ... of which it is allowed to question regarding the impartiality.

By buying this diamond ring know that you pay at best your ring of a very poor quality at its normal price (290 €) still much too expensive given the quality of the 2 diamonds of 0.14 carat each and you risk very large disappointments in the end.

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