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How to choose a diamond ?

Published : 2017-09-26 10:30:00
Categories : Practical advises

Buying a diamond is an important investment and every precaution must be taken to avoid making mistakes. The first step (essential) is to define the budget that you want to devote to it.

Then choose the shape of the diamond knowing that the round shape (brilliant cut with 57 facets) is the most sought after; it is about 20% more expensive than so-called fantasy shapes (princess, pear, emerald, etc.). It is also the size that gives maximum brilliance to the diamond.

It will then be necessary to know if one privileges the weight (thus the size), the color and / or the Clarity.

If it is a diamond to be set on a mount, the frequently used qualities are H / SI1 - G / VS1 or VS2 or F / VVS2 for jewelry for very high standards.

Colors D and E are often reserved for investment diamonds.

It is important to choose a zero fluorescence to prevent your ring from overtaking you in a room with a UV lamp.

But above all remember that 20 to 40% of the price of your diamond depends on the quality of the way it was cut ( symmetry, proportions, finishes ). Much of this quality depends on the brilliance and beauty of your stone.

To give the best to its customers, the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp selects diamonds whose symmetry criteria, proportions and finishes are excellent in the well-known diamond cutting shops of Antwerp.

In all cases, it is advisable, for stones weighing more than 0.30 carat, to obtain the gemological certificate issued by one of the 3 internationally renowned laboratories (HRD, GIA or IGI).

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