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How to pay a diamond jewel twice its value?

Published : 2019-11-05 16:31:08
Categories : Practical advises

By cons, at his request we advised him to determine the price he could get from his stone.

First of all, to questions about the quality of his diamond, apart from the carat, he did not knew much about his stone! Apart from a weight of a carat ... and a vague memory that the 4C were good ...

Difficult threfore to negotiate a good deal ...

We advised him to have his stone tested by an official certification laboratory (GIA, HDR or IGI) and to come back to us with his certificate.

Once this was done ... what was his disappointment when we told him that certainly the weight of a carat was consistent with what was explained to him when he bought his diamond jewel but that many of the other 8 criteria, too often forgotten, lowered the value of his diamond in half !

Indeed his diamond suffers from a symmetry and average proportions (each of these criteria less than Excellent or Very good is lowering the value of a diamond by 10 to 30%), that its fluorescence (far from optimal criteria nil or faint) further decreased the price of his diamond by 10 to 30%. Cumulating these 3 bad scores will drop the value of his stone by at least 50%!

So at the time, he bought his diamond 50% more expensive than his true value simply because he was satisfied with the good word of the seller and the weight of the diamond displayed !

Again, in light of this experience, we can only encourage you to buy your diamond jewelry from serious jewelers who guarantee you all 8 criteria through an official neutral certificate !

The 8 Quality diamond Criteria

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