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Now you can buy your jewels on the internet in full security and reliability

Published : 2020-03-02 11:14:04
Categories : Private Diamond Club

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp presents about 400 models on his site, espace in very diverse designs, from the most classic and wise to the most original ones.

If the potential customer wants it he can create his own jewel and tailor-made jewel piece at his request as a unique jewel.

He has the possibility to choose his diamond  and his model and even may suggest a drawing or a photo to get a quotation  for his personalized jewel.

Contrary to what some people think, security by buying a jewel online is unquestionably better and more interesting than at a jeweler.

The buyer has all his time to inform himself, compare prices for stones of the same 8 criteria, ensure that the conditions of purchase and delivery comply with its wish and return the jewel under 30 days in case of dissatisfaction.

OGONE, control platform, provides for payments and transport free of charge by FEDEX professional quality services of the highest order. Security is total for online payments and the parcel deliveries are done from hand to hand within 24 hours in France and 2 days depending on the country of destination as for Australia for example.

For many years, the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp has been active for the most great transparency in the world of luxury jewelery.

In front of the multiplication on the web of sites proposing jewels of very secondary quality where only one or two quality criteria are put forward it seems essential to provide customers with all the information that is accurate and clear enough for them to make an acquisition with full knowledge.

Moreover, it turns out that individuals are beginning to become aware of the need to be better informed and, as such, would be willing to pay for the work of experts to make the necessary checks : 8 diamond quality criteria for diamonds set on jewels, origin of precious stones, to be insured  that the diamonds sold are well «out of conflict» according to the «Kimberley Process», existence of punches on the frames in 18k gold or platinum etc ...

The Private Diamond Club Antwerp has always had the policy of not presenting to the sale only diamond jewelry of exceptional or superior qualities, namely :

The Exceptional quality includes D / E / F colors and LC / VVS1 and VVS2 clarities therefore the following quality criteria:

  • Colors: D: Exceptional White Plus, E: Exceptional White and F: Extra White Plus
  • Clarity: LC: Pure Loupe 10X, VVS1: Very Very small invisible inclusions 1, VVS2: Very Very small invisible inclusions 2
  • Proportions: Excellent
  • Symmetry: Excellent
  • Finishes: Excellent
  • Null fluorescence

The superior quality of diamonds brings together the following criteria :

  • Colors: G: Extra White and H: White
  • Purities: VS1: Very Small Invisible Inclusions 1, VS2: Very Small inclusions Invisible 2 and SI: Small invisible inclusions
  • Symmetry: Excellent
  • Proportions: Excellent
  • Finishes: Excellent
  • Fluorescence: nil

This information on the quality of the stones is now clearly displayed on each product sheet of the site www.private-diamond-club.fr in a table where the quality criteria of the main stone and possibly those of the stones of paving and their respective weights are mentionned.

Conclusion: You can buy on the internet your jewels safely and reliably:

  • Extreme variety of the choice of jewelry contrary to the limited choices in the majority of jewelery stores
  • Design and manufacture of unique jewelry on request.
  • You have all the time necessary to inform yourself.
  • Total security of payments is ensured.
  • Delivery times by FEDEX in one or two days are reliable for all over the  world destinations
  • The 8 diamond quality criteria are certified by the 3 most important world-renowned laboratories that are authoritative anywhere in the world.
  • The qualities of the diamonds are systematically displayed on the site of the Private Diamond Club Antwerp for each stone set on the jewelry mounts.

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