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Points of differenciation of the Private Diamond Club over other fine jewelers.

Published : 2018-05-22 14:36:19
Categories : Private Diamond Club

Fine jeweler, specializing in upper quality diamonds, the Club "Private Diamond Club of Antwerp" is intended for a privileged clientele that can claim to have completed the acquisition of an exceptionally high quality diamond jewel or safe diamonds at very advantageous prices and total security.

  • The range of diamond jewels offered by the Club is one of the largest of those available on the web. The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp is, to date, the only one with more than 350 different models. Whatever the model, from classic to more sophisticated models or fine jewelry.
  • All diamond jewels are all made with diamonds directly sourced from the  cutting shops of Antwerp according to the higher values of the 8 quality criteria (Shape, Weight, Color, Clarity, Symmetry, Proportions, Polishing and degree of fluorescence).
  • For more than 0,30 carat weight, they are provided with the certificate issued by a worldwide recognized laboratory which make authority all over the the world: The HRD and IGI of Antwerp and the  GIA of New York.
  • Creation and setting are made only by artists jewelers in Antwerp  whose expertise goes back several generations. (The productions from Asian countries are totally excluded contrary to what some jewelers offer.)
  • The customer can choose a diamond that will be set on a selected frame by him. He can also provide a photograph or a drawing of a jewel he wishes to achieve. The Club will provide him with a specific quote and, after agreement, will manufacturer the customized jewel by their artisans - jewelers on site in Antwerp.

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