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The ideal proportions of a diamond

Published : 2018-03-05 14:30:04
Categories : Diamond

Whatever its shape, the diamond comprises an upper part called crown, a lower part called cylinder head and, separating the two, the rounder. For each shape, once the number and the positioning of the facets has been defined, the ideal proportions have been determined, that is to say the angles of the facets between them and their arrangement with respect to each other.

It is the proportions of a diamond that determines the amount of reflected light, a direct impact on its brilliance and fire. Ideal proportions are those that optimize the light path inside the stone.

There are usually three types of proportions :

Ideal proportions of a diamond

he angles of the facets between them are perfectly defined and the respective dimensions are perfect. If you are looking for a diamond of very good quality that shines brightly, this is one of the 8 criteria that you must not forget to consider carefully.

Shallow propostions

Although a shallow-sized diamond will create the illusion of a large stone (for the same weight, the diameter is larger), much of the light rays will escape from the bottom and that's as much of brilliance that is lost.

Deep waist

This type of size causes the light to escape on the sides instead of reflecting on the top, which will cause a lack of shine and brightness.

All diamonds set on the jewels of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are selected for their most perfect proportions .







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