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The precious metal of your diamond jewel is also of utmost importance

Published : 2018-07-26 17:13:14
Categories : Practical advises

Gold is the precious metal most prized in jewelry for several reasons: of course its rarity makes it a precious metal but also its qualities of ductility (it is easy to work) and inalterability (it resists to corrosion and does not oxide with neither water nor air).
Combined with a diamond of superior quality, also unalterable, it gives a jewel just perfect.

Still like the diamond choose a quality gold ...

As for the diamond, the quantity of gold is measured in carat.

For gold, the carat is the historical measure of purity. Officially we speak about thousandths.

The carat diamond (one carat equals 0.2 grams) has nothing to do with the carat of gold which indicates the proportion of pure gold in the alloy.

To sum up, the carat of the diamond is a unit of weight, the carat of the gold is a unit of purity percentage; hence the term thousandth chosen.



percentage of pure gold



99,9 %

or pure gold



75 %



58,4 %



35 %

Table of correspondences between carat, thousandths and percentage of gold in the alloy.

In Europe we will find mostly 18,14 and 9 carats jewels. Some countries like the USA prefer 10 carats to 9 carats.

The idea to remember is that the closer you get to 24 carats or 999 thousandths more the gold is pure.

Why do not we manufacture jewelry in 24 carats?

Apart from the high price that such a jewel would have (the more the jewel contains gold the more it is expensive), it is essentially related to the mechanical properties of the metal.

Gold is easily malleable. A fine 24 carats jewel (like a ring or a diamond solitaire) is likely to deform too easily, the claws that set the diamond to end up opening and let out the diamond or the links of a brew diamond to break!

So a jewel in 9 or 14 carats is better?

No because since, apart from the fact that a necklace or a pair of earrings contain much less gold and therefore make the object less valuable, the 9 or 14 carats alloy contains copper, silver and other metals possibly in significant quantity (more than 40% for 14 carats and 75% for 9 carats)

Your diamond alliance will then oxidize very easily and lose its yellow color "gold" degrading the appearance of your diamond ring.

A jewel in 18/19 carat gold is optimal!

The alloy containing 75% gold appears as the best price / resistance / inalterability compromise.

diamond ring in 18 carats gold will keep its brilliance and can adorn your finger for many years without distortion or diamonds are desserts.

This is why the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp, only offers its certified high quality diamonds, mounted only on 18 or 19 carat gold jewelery.


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