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The story of the Private Diamond Club

Published : 2018-06-01 19:26:41
Categories : Private Diamond Club

The Founder and President of the Private Diamond Club Company, Yvan Delcourt, works with a team of specialists in diamond and jewelery-making, with leaders of Antwerp cutting shops and jewelery artisans.

A meeting

During a trip to Brussels, he met in the Thalys a diamond dealer who was going to Antwerp, which, as everyone knows, is the Diamond Capital of the world whose reputation in the field of diamonds of upper quality and jewelery of exceptionnal level is not more to do.

A discovery

« Be aware of the energy deployed; one carat, ie the fifth of a gram, requires the return of hundreds of tons of diamondiferous rocks. A very long way is to go from the barely trimmed stone to the modern size that makes the light play so subtly ... The diamond is a magical object. »


Firstly amused, Mr. Delcourt, as the Diamond Dealer continued his story, was taken a certain fascination, especially when the latter pulled from his pocket a white paper folded in four which he put on the tablet opposite from him. It was a dazzle… Two almost indecent diamonds in their raw nakedness appeared. His gaze was lost in the kaleidoscope, in the play of light, in transparency.


« Come and visit me in Antwerp, I will show you my cutting shop and different jewelery workshops and introduce you to some friends »
To become a jeweler and a diamond dealer, you need training, experience and skills. Mr. Delcourt, advised by his diamond friend, enrolled in various courses and learned to examine, detail, evaluate gems as well as the manufacture of gold and Platinum mounts and different modes of Setting.

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