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What is the composition of diamond?

Published : 2018-05-22 14:49:55
Categories : Diamond

What connection is there between a lump of coal and this sumptuous stone that adorns most engagement rings?

The composition of diamond Carbon is the principal chemical element that composes the diamond. In fact, graphite or charcoal, under enormous temperature and pressure, saw its carbon atoms to draw nearer and especially to organize.

Connections have been established between atoms creating very strong links between them. While the structure of graphite is made of sheets (which tend to slide over each other), the structure or diamond is made of atoms which connections between them are directed in three directions.


This difference in the layout of the same atoms explains the differences in properties:

  • Conduction of current: the graphite is conductive (current flowing between the layers), diamond is an insulator
  • Heat conduction: the diamond is an excellent conductor of heat, the graphite is moderately
  • Transparency: as everyone has noticed, graphite is opaque, diamond is transparent.
  • Hardness: that of diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale (diamond can only be cut by another diamond) that of graphite is 2 on the same scale.

At the compression and processing of graphite over time, impurities may have been trapped in its structure.

Mechanical impurities that may be in the rough diamond, will hinder the path of light rays in the stone and reduce its brilliance. The cutter does everything possible to eliminate most mechanical impurities during the cut.

Chemical impurities, present in the form of some foreign atoms that are found trapped in the structure are themselves popular because they are the ones that give color so rare diamonds: the structure are themselves popular because they are the ones that give color so rare diamonds : Yellow for nitrogen atoms, blue for boron atoms or for titanium atoms.

The level of impurities, as well as color and fluorescence, for example, are among the 8 Quality Criteria.

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