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Yellow colored diamonds

Published : 2019-03-26 18:31:42
Categories : Diamond

They should not be confused with the yellowish hue of a poor quality diamond (the color of a diamond is one of the 8 diamond quality criteria).
The yellow color is due to the presence of nitrogen in the diamond. According to that concentration present into the stone we will have a shade varying from pale yellow "nicotine" to intense yellow "daffodil".
The less intense the color, the lower the value of the yellow diamond.

There are 3 big yellow colors:

  •     pale yellow, are the least expensive yellow diamonds
  •     the fancy yellow, more intense and therefore much more expensive than the pale yellow remains a good compromise in terms of color / price for the purchase of a yellow diamond
  •     the intense or bright yellow, very rare, extremely sought which causes a surge in prices, the demand being higher than the offer !

Yellow diamond mines

There is no real mine of yellow diamonds.
The largest yellow diamonds have been discovered for example in:

  •     1878 in the Kimberley mine and the 287.42 carats rough diamond was cut to become the "Tiffany Yellow Diamond"
  •     last year, in 2018, a 552 carats yellow diamond was discovered in the Diavik mine in northwestern Canada about 135 km south of the Arctic Circle!

The 552.74-carat yellow diamond found in Canada - 33.74 mm x 54.56 mm

This diamond must now be cut and polished. It is a task that only a few professionals, "masters cutters", will be able to realize considering the dimensions of the stone !

Once cut, it is currently estimated at more than one million euros.

A value certainly high but, below the rough diamond, the most expensive in the world. Discovered in Botswana, it was sold in 2016 by the Canadian company Lucara Diamond for the amount of 55 million euros!

Famous Yellow Diamond

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond (its name is Tiffany yellow diamond), is from a stone discovered in 1877 in South Africa (Kimberley mine). The rough diamond was bought by the New York jeweler Charles Tiffany.
It was carved in Paris by George Frederick Kunz (gemologist only 23 years old). After one year of studies, he reduced the stone to 287 carats which was then assembled by Jean Schlumberger.

Copy of the yellow diamond Tiffany unmounted

Size cushion, it has 24 additional facets compared to the shape usually adopted for this size, 82 facets instead of 58.
This size brings to the diamond an extraordinary brilliance.

The Tiffany diamond was only worn by 3 women:

  •     by Mrs. E. Sheldon Whitehouse at the 1957 Tiffany Ball held in Newport, Rhode Island, mounted for the occasion on a necklace of white diamonds
  •     by Audrey Hepburn who later carried it in 1961 for advertising photographs for Breakfast at Tiffany ( « Diamants sur Canapé » film).
  •     by Lady Gaga in 2019 at the 91st Academy Awards.

The Tiffany Diamond. — Tiffany&Co.

It is traditionally on display in the famous Tiffany Shop on the 5th Avenue in New York.
It is sometimes exposed, as in 2014, in the store Tiffany & Co. Champs Elysées. He then travels in a private jet and is permanently surrounded by his bodyguards!

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