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Diamond Earrings

How to choose your diamond earrings ?


The best way to choose your diamond earrings is to do it according to the shape of your face and your haircut.

Our advices to make the best choice of earings well adapted to your face are hereafter.
Private diamond club d'anvers forme du visage et modèles de boucles d'oreilles=

The different kinds of earrings



Diamond Earrings


The most classical of earings jewels ….but which can adopt many forms: modern, fantasy or sumptuous. They are paved with diamonds.

Diamond ear studs


Sober, small and discreet, the diamond ear studs will delicately illuminate your ears. The most discreet and simple are composed of a solitaire, the most provided are realized with a paving of diamonds without exceeding a diameter of 10 mm approximately.


Diamond Button earrings


Diamond Button earrings are taking over the principe of studs but more voluminous. With a central diamond surrounded by smaller sized diamond or entirely paved the choice of button Earrings belongs to you ...

Diamond Pendant Earrings


The Diamond Pendant Earrings are more imposing ; they are often stylized and much more visible. They may have in their center a diamond or a part in gold and are paved with diamonds.


Diamond Hoops


With their characteristic round shape, the diamond Hoops make a big comeback. Paved with diamonds this model of earrings will bring you an exotic aspect while remaining elegant.

Whatever the model, your diamond earrings must meet your desires.

When to wear diamond earrings ?


In all occasions of life! Wedding, anniversary, engagement: diamond earrings can be offered and is an original gift. Think of to combine with your diamond rings or solitairesbracelets and diamond necklaces to create a true homogeneous set that you can wear on special occasions.

The offer of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp


Not less than 40 models of earrings are in the selection of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp.
Our Antwerp-based creators, the world's diamond capital, have worked out on the colors, shapes and design of each jewel to offer diamond earrings for all styles and ages.

If despite the available choice of diamond earrings on our website you do not find the jewel you would like, our jewelry artists can create the custom made diamond earrings of your dreams. All our diamonds come directly from the Antwerp cutting shops, which allows to offer you jewelry 30 to 50% cheaper. Our diamonds of more than 0.50 carat are accompanied wifh a certificate of authenticity issued by a world-renowned laboratory that is authoritative worldwide. In addition, your orders are shipped free of charge under 8 days in an elegant gift box and delivered to you by hand.

  • Diamond Dangle Earrings "Boules de Neige"


    A lot of effect for these earrings each carrying 13 brilliant-cut diamonds of high quality for a total of 1.64 karats.

    The 0.15 karat center diamond is surrounded by 6 diamonds of 0.10 kt and 6 diamonds of 0.005 kt mounted so as to magnify their brilliance.

    The mount in 18kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 3.8 grams.

  • Diamond Earrings "Tulipe"


    You will gladly pair these diamond Tulip earrings with the diamond pendant from the same collection

    These earrings feature a 0.30 karat (4.5 mm) diamond surrounded by 38 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.003 kt. Each earring receives a

    0.37 karat diamond of superb quality certified by an independent laboratory.

  • Two Diamond Earrings "Seringat"


    Like two diamond studs on the same earring, the two 0.26 karat (4.10 mm) high-grade (G: extra white and VS high clarity) diamonds are surrounded by a string of 19 small diamonds. Brilliant-cut of 0.002 karat each.

    The frame of each buckle, in 18Kt white gold, yellow or pink, weighs 1.9 g.

  • Earings "Rose Eternelle"


    Sublime earrings in the shape of a Rose. Each loop is paved with 45 brilliant cut diamonds spread over 2 rows.

    These diamonds are of ultra superior clarity and color: with or without invisible tiny inclusions (LC / VVS) and exceptional white color plus and extra white plus (D/E/F).

    The paving of 90 brilliants represents a total of 0.55 carat.

    The surface of the flower is: 14.5 mm x 13.5 mm and its thickness 5.7 mm

    The 18K gold frame weighs 7.2 grams.

  • Diamond halo setting button stud earrings...


    This halo setting diamond stud earrings features pave-set diamonds, at approximately 0.39 to 0.50 carat total weight, that have been matched for exceptional sparkle. Set in superior quality 18 karat white, yellow or pink gold, theses earrings await the G/VS center diamond of your choice at approximately 0.25 to 1.00 carat.
    White diamonds on the crown can be replaced by black diamonds.

  • Paved Diamond Hoop Earrings 2.0 Karats...


    For each earring : 18 k white gold weighting 15,6 g. This creole earring " Romarin” is set with more than one carat of diamonds.

    This represents 60 diamonds for this pair of paved hoop earrings !

    Each buckle carries 8 princess-cut diamonds of 0.09 kt each (2.4 mm) and 22 brilliant cut diamonds of 0.015 kt each (1.5 mm).

  • Diamond Lace earrings 1.41 carat "Acanthe"


    They cover the lobe of your ear of a fine glittering lace. These earrings are set with 192 diamonds "brilliant" cut  of superior quality DEF / LC-VVS for a 1.41 carat weight.

    The 18 k white, yellow or pink setting weighs 8.9 g.

    The lace of diamond earrings Acanthe can be coordinated with the diamond ring or with the pendant.

  • Diamond Lace pendant earrings 1.92 carat...


    Sublime earring pendants in fine lace of diamond. These earrings are set with 164 diamonds brilliant cut of superior quality DEF / LC-VVS for a 1.92 carat weight.

    The 18 k white, yellow or pink setting weighs 12.4 g.

    The lace of diamond earrings Aloes can be coordinated with the ring or with the pendant.

  • Diamond pair of earrings "Tournesol"


    These diamond earrings reflect the design of the "Tournesol " collection. Like the generous heart of sunflowers, each earring is set with 1.72 karats of diamonds!

    Your diamond set "Tournesol " earrings will fit perfectly in the frame composed of the round brilliant paved Tournesol ring and the round diamond Tournesol pendant.

  • Marquise diamond earrings "Fougère"


    Spectacular and luxurious diamond drop earrings, each boasting 7 marquise cut 0.30 ct diamonds, surrounded by a thin diamond paving for a total of 1.28 ct. The total weight of diamonds is 5.50 ct, FG / VS.

    The Marquises are attached to each other by hinges, allowing them to vibrate with each movement of the head and shine in all directions.

    The 18 k white gold setting is 3.6 cm in length and weighs 7.0 g.