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Fashion diamond engagement rings

diamond engagement rings are a classic style that is typically given for an engagement ring, although it may be appropriate for other occasions as well. Our selection of fashion diamond solitaires takes this classic look and makes it more fashionable and stylish with intricate designs and unique bands that are used to display one gorgeous natural diamond. All fashion diamond solitaires feature one brilliant round or princess cut certified diamond. Seven settings are available to choose from, each featuring a unique band that makes each ring look like a wearable piece of art. From a wide band to one that features swirls of beautiful gold, each of our fashion diamond solitaires offer a unique take on this traditional style. All bands on our fashion diamond solitaire rings are made of 18 karat gold, assuring high quality and style with each ring. Settings can be customized with a selection of yellow, white, or rose gold, while some can have the quality and size of the diamond selected to fit your needs. Whether giving these rings as an engagement ring, a promise ring, or simply as a fashionable solitaire that goes with any ensemble, the choices available allow you to purchase a ring with a unique design that is guaranteed to make any woman smile.