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1 carat diamond ring

The round brilliant cut 1 carat diamond has a diameter of 6.5.mm. It is a magnificent stone that is sufficient in itself and must be enhanced by an elegant and discreet setting..
  • One carat diamond solitaire Achillee


    Classic and always fashionable, the wide and easy to wear diamond solitaire ring becoming finer, carries a one carat diamond  set with 6 claws.

    Made out of white, yellow  or pink 18 k gold, this setting weighs between 5.0 g.

  • One carat diamond engagement ring Gerbera


    A very modern design combining the squared shape of the section ring and the 4 prongs with the round shape of the brilliant.
    The V-prongs  setting let the light through to provide more brightness to a round 1.00 carat diamond. 
    The white, yellow or pink 18 k gold setting weighs 6.5 g.

  • One carat Diamond paved engagement ring...


    This diamond engagement ring shows shoulders carrying 6 princess cut diamonds of 0.05 carat each set in an invisible way to emphasize the brightness of a round one carat diamond crimped with 4 claws.
    The 18 k white, yellow or pink setting weighs 4.5 g.

  • One carat diamond Pave engagement ring...


    A one carat round diamond is set on a ring paved with 0.12 c of diamonds in order to illuminate his brightness.
    The 18 carat gold setting, white, yellow or pink weighs 4.8 g. 



  • One carat diamond engagement ring Melilot


    An original touch for this classical solitaire.The delicacy of the ring is contrasting with the robustness of the  6 prongs wich increases the diamond's diameter like a star.
    The 1.00 carat diamond with a brilliant shape is set on a 18 k gold white, yellow or pink  4.5 g setting.

  • One carat diamond ring - Perce-Neige


    An elegant shape for this classical solitaire diamond ring.
    The delicacy of the ring is balanced by the "strength" of the 4 prongs wich are widening  the diamond and enhance the brightness. 
    The one carat round diamond ( 6.5 mm ) is set on a 18 k white, yellow or pink gold setting  ( 4.0 g).