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Sidestones diamond engagement rings

A diamond engagement ring is beautiful, but the addition of extra diamonds, like on our sidestones solitaires, make these rings even more glamorous and fantastic. A full selection of solitaire diamond rings with sidestones makes gift giving easy, whether one of these rings are used as an engagement ring, an anniversary ring, or for any other special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas gift for that special woman in your life. Each sidestones solitaire ring is a high quality jewel that shows off amazing craftsmanship and design, featuring beautiful diamond stones inlaid in 18 karat gold bands, which are available in yellow, white, or pink gold. Diamond solitaire rings with two additional sidestones as a past, present, and future ring for wedding anniversaries or one stunning diamond surrounded by beautiful pave diamonds are just a few of the choices that we have when looking for a diamond solitaire with a little something extra. All diamonds placed in each sidestones solitaire is certified and absolutely beautiful, showcasing fiery facets and brilliant shine in each gem. Some of our pieces can even be customized with your choice of stone, with different color, clarity, and carat size to make each ring tailored to your own specifications to make it possible to find just the perfect piece to give to that special someone in your life.

  • Diamond paved engagement ring with 0.75...


    How to better emphasize your diamond ?

    A paving of 0.10 ct diamonds underlines the band on each side of the stone and is extended on the section of the setting. Whatever is the position of the ring, it shines of thousand fires.

    The diamond of 0.75 carat (5.9 mm) is set on a 18 k white, yellow or pink gold setting (4.5 g).

  • Engagement ring with natural dark brown...


    A classic model with a touch of originality : diamond ring carrying a natural fancy braun diamond from 0.30 to 1.50 carat ( 4.2 mm to 7.4 mm) surrounded with 14 or 20 white G/VS diamonds.

    The 18 k white gold setting weight 3.0 g.


  • Diamond engagement ring Lantana


    This diamond engagement ring carries, set with 4 prongs, a G/VS1 0.30 ct ( 4.20 mm ). On each side, the ring is set with 10 D-F/IF-VVS 0.030 ct brillants with channel setting.

    The 18 k white, yellow or pink setting weighs 5.0 g.

  • Side stones diamond solitaire with four...


    A subtle diamond engagement ring, delicate and elegant.
    The round diamond ( 0.50 to 1.00 carat ) is set with 4 prongs on a diamond paved ring.

    The 18 k white, yellow or pink gold setting weighs from 3.5 g to 5.0 g depending on the weight of the diamond.

  • Pave diamond eternity ring Giroflée


    A round diamond the weight of which is included between 0.25ct and 2.50 carats is set on a ring paved with 0.12 c of diamonds in order to illuminate his brightness.

    The 18 carat gold setting, white, yellow or pink weighs 4.8 g.


  • Pave diamond eternity ring Forsythia


    This diamond ring adds a scintillating sparkle on your finger: A 0.76 carat round diamond (5.90 mm) is beautifully highlighted by 84 brilliant the finest quality DF / VVS-LC, for a total of 0.45 carat on the top and sides of the ring, which enhances its brilliance.
    The 18 carat gold setting, white, yellow or pink weighs 4.8 g.

  • Diamond engagement ring Crépide


    More than 1 carat of diamond for this elegant diamond engagement ring with a round 0.56 ct E/SI2 diamond with 10 princess cut diamond DF/IF-VVS for a total if 0.50 ct.

    The 18 k white, yellow or pink setting weighs 7.0 g.

  • Diamond paved engagement ring Hémérocalle


    This diamond engagement ring shows shoulders carrying 6 princess cut diamonds of 0.05 carat each set in an invisible way to emphasize the brightness of a round G/VS diamond crimped with 4 claws.

    The 18 k white, yellow or pink setting weighs 4.5 g.


  • Diamond engagement ring Arnica


    The band of this sophisticated diamond engagement ring carries 10 brilliant cut, channel set, diamonds of 0.05 ct each, to emphasise the brightness of the 0.60 ct G/VS round diamond tension set at the centre.
    The 18k white, yellow or pink setting weighs 9.5 g.

  • Diamond engagement ring 0.86 ct Freesia


    The combination of two colors of gold is always surprising and original: the center diamond of 0.50 carat G / VS is set in tension in white gold while 12 brilliant-cut 0.03 carat diamonds in the best quality DF / IF-VVS, are chanel set in yellow gold.
    The 18 k gold setting weighs 6.5 g.

  • Round shape diamond engagement ring Orchidee


    A sober, modern look for this ring with central diamond (from 0.20 to 0.50 carat ) crimped on a strip over an open ring in 18 k gold .

    Paved with between 24 stones of 0.01 of a carat which intensify the brilliance of your ring.


  • Round shape diamond engagement ring Balsamine


    A delicate, tension set centre diamond, D-F / IF-VVS quality, 0.33 ct (4.1 mm), seemingly floats in the air, framed by 36 channel set paved diamonds (36 stones, a total of 0.27 carat) which illuminate the center diamond.
    The yellow, white or pink 18 k gold setting weighs 5.3 g.