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Our Diamond Dewdrops Collection is inspired by the beauty of nature, beautiful dew drops on a fresh clear morning is the inspiration behind this amazing collection. Instead of droplets of water, each piece in this collection is studded with beautiful genuine diamonds, placed strategically on each piece to give the illusion of sparkling dewdrops. No matter what your tastes, the Dewdrops Collection offers pieces that will fit your needs. Beautiful rings dotted with round diamonds, elegant stud earrings, delicate chain bracelets, and pendants can be found in this collection of high quality jewelry. Each jewel in the Dewdrops Collection is shaped from 18 karat gold, giving each piece a glamorous and shimmering look that is made of the high quality metal that you would expect for your diamond jewelry. You can select from yellow, white, or pink gold to personalize the piece that you have fallen in love with, adding the personal touch to make each piece unique and made to suit your own personal style. The stunning diamonds that are set in each piece are beautiful and high quality, making sure that this collection radiates light and sparkle for the life of each piece. The Dewdrops Diamond Collection uses diamonds and gold in a subtle way for pieces that sparkle and glisten just like morning dew. These pieces are a fantastic choice for women who love the look of diamonds on pieces that they can wear anytime.
  • Ring with two colors of gold and diamonds...


    An original shape and great fineness for this gold ring set with 0.07 carat brilliant-cut diamonds that is easily worn in all circumstances.

    The mount in white gold 18k, yellow gold 18k or two colors of gold 18k weighs 4.0 g minimum.

  • Square Ring 9 Diamonds...


    The sleek lines of this very young diamond ring and the square arrangement of the 9 high-quality round diamonds highlight the 9 diamonds and give the impression that they are one and the same diamond of great volume. .

    The mount in white, yellow or pink 18 k gold weighs 3.5 g minimum.

  • Four-leaf diamond ring Genêt


    A pretty four-leaf clover diamond ring to be given as a gift or to offer yourself! Four G/VS diamonds of 0.08 ct each (2.8 mm) are set with 5 prongs that become an important part of the design.

    The 18k white or yellow gold setting weighs 3.1g minimum.

  • Squared Ring 9 Diamonds Crimped Claws...


    A lovely diamond ring to wear for all occasions !

    9 high quality diamonds: extra white (G) and clarity (VS) of 0.05 carat each ( diameter of 2.4 mm ) are set with round claws to increase the brilliance and are arranged to form a square.

    The 18k white or yellow gold mount can be made out of two colors, which gives to it an extra cachet. It weighs 3.9 g minimum

  • Diamond Paved Earrings " Saponaire "


    Paved "Saponaire" diamond earrings are part of a collection; discover the "Saponaire” 2 gold ring and the "Saponaire” pendant.

    You will not be able to leave them: discreet and original, these diamond earrings each have beautiful brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.045 carat on a mount in 18Kt gold in white, yellow or two colors.

    The settings of the pair weigh 4.4 g of 18Kt gold.

  • Square Stud Earrings with 9 Diamond...


    Like the Lupine, which has several flowers on its stem, the " Lupin” earrings concentrate 9 diamonds spread into squares. Each button earring is composed of 3 rows of 3 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.010 carat each and, as always with the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp, of superior quality guaranteed by an official certificate.

    The frame in 18Kt white or yellow gold weighs 2.7 g minimum.

  • 4 Diamond  Earrings " Genêt ”


    These gold / diamond earrings are part of the Genêt collection. Discover the matching beaded diamond ring

    Each earring carries 4 brilliant-cut diamonds perfectly made and of an incomparable quality.

    Thanks to the set of 5 round claws, whose central claw, slightly larger and higher than the others, increases the light refractions of the diamonds, giving these ear studs as much effect as a single diamond.

    The diamonds are set on a 18Kt white or yellow gold mount.

  • 9 Diamond  Stud Earrings "...


    The spring flowers of the Tamaris form many pink or whitish kittens. This model Tamaris diamond stud earrings is inspired by it : a central diamond of 0.05 carat, slightly raised by 4 round claws is surrounded by 8 brilliant-cut diamonds. The rounding of the claws increases the brightness of the diamonds !

    The 18Kt white or yellow plain golden frame is approximately 6.5 mm square and weighs 2.6 g.

  • Two diamonds paved gold branches pendant...


    Belonging to the "Saponaire collection” this paved pendant with diamonds can also be made in two gold - white or yellow.

    The gold / diamond "Saponaire” pendant resumes the very original shape of two gold "Saponaire" ring playing on the dissymmetrical shape of the collection which is accentuated for a most aesthetical effect.

  • 9 Brillant  Square Pendant "...


    Find with this pendant 9 shiny square clean lines present on the square ring 9 diamonds or on the square ear studs from the same collection "Lupin".

    On all these models, the square arrangement of the 9 round diamonds G / VS of 0.013 karat each ( high jewelry quality) gives the impression that a single diamond closed set illuminates the pendant ..

    The 18kt white or yellow gold mount weighs 2.1g.

  • Pendant with 4 Diamonds "GENET"


    This 4-leaf clover-shaped women's pendant features 4 quality of diamonds : extra-white (G) and high-purity (VS: Tiny inclusion (s) very hard to see even with the magnifying binocular 10 times ).

    The 4 brilliant-cut round diamonds with a unit carat size of 0.10 and a diameter of 3mm are set by 5 round claws that contribute to the modern design of this very young diamond pendant.

    The 18 k gold setting in white, yellow or pink gold weighs 1.0 g.

  • 9 diamonds  Drop Pendant " Tamaris”


    Tamaris is a shrub found in the Mediterranean and on the Atlantic coast. Its spring flowering is composed of many kittens pink or white.

    Like the Tamaris kittens, the 9 diamonds "Tamaris” pendant will adorn your chest with its shining reflections like a solitary pendant !

    Composed of 9 diamonds, set with round claws that enhance its brilliance and arranged in a diamond shape, this diamond pendant will shine your neck in a remarkable way.