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  • Trilogy  Paved Ring "Seringat"


    A ring with an original shape for this jewel composed of 3 round diamonds of 0.3 karat each of high quality (according to the 8 criteria of quality of the diamond always scrupulously respected on the site of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp).

    Each diamond is surrounded by a garland of small diamonds that enhance its brilliance.

    The 8.0 g mount is out 18 carat white gold.

  • Garland Ring  5 Diamonds 1.15 karats...

    This model looks like the paved trilogy ring  "Seringat" but  is proposed here with 5 diamonds intertwined with  a 0.15 karat diamond garland. The 5 round diamonds of superior quality -  high clarity and extra white rated G / VS according to the diamond quality criteria are adorned with a diamond garland.   This plain gold ring weighs 8.4 g.
  • Brushed gold and diamond earrings PM...

    These stylish and elegant earrings from the Dipladénia collection are set in 18ct brushed white, yellow or pink gold. Dazzling enough to stand alone, they can also be matched to the ring, pendant, or one of the three diamond bracelets from the same collection.
    Each earring is set with 22 diamonds, D-E / IF-VVS, for a total of 0.40 ct.
    The 18 ct brushed gold setting weighs 4.7 g.
  • Wedding band with 11 round diamonds Alisma


    Semi wedding band set with 11 brilliants of 0.10 ct ( 3.0 mm )  D-E-F/LC-VVS.

    The 18 k white, yellow or pink gold setting weighs 9.0 g.

  • Brushed gold and diamond earrings GM...

    From the Dipladénia collection of brushed gold and diamonds comes this stunning model of earrings. Sophisticated and elegant, they can match the ring, pendant, or one of three diamond bracelets from the collection.
    Each of these earrings is set with 26 diamonds, D-E / IF-VVS, for a total of 0.38 ct.
    The 18 ct brushed gold white, yellow or pink setting weighs 7.5 g.
  • Sumptuous Ring with Pear-cut Diamonds...


    This exceptional diamond ring will seduce you as much by its original shape as by the abundance and the quality of the 13 pear-cut diamonds that compose it and the 6 intercalary diamond rods inbetween the 2 rows of pear cut diamonds.

    13 pear-cut diamonds of 0.33 carat each (5 x 3.5 mm) and 6 diamonds of 0.09 carat (3.7 mm) for a total of 4.83 carats are adorning this sumptuous diamond ring and make it unique.

    The pear-cut diamonds are of course of exceptional clarity (VVS means so tiny inclusion (s) that you cannot see them even with a magnifying binocular loupe 10 times).

    Of course, the mount is in 18 k white gold and weighs 14.6 g.

  • Brushed gold and diamonds pendant...


    This refined diamond pendant measures 11 x 23 mm and carries, across two vertical lines, 32 diamonds of 0.009 ct (1.5 mm) for a total of 0.30 ct, DEF / LC - VVS.  A diamond jewel to be offered and worn for any occasion.

    This pendant can also match the ring, earrings, or one of three diamond bracelets from the Dipladénia collection.

    The white, pink or yellow 18 ct gold setting weighs 6.3 g.


  • Paved diamond eternity band 0.42 ct...


    This classic diamond eternity ring is a perfect choice for a diamond half wedding band, consisting of 2 rows of 20 paved diamonds, for a total of 0.42 ct and G / VS quality on a brushed 18 ct gold band.

    The white, yellow or rose gold 18 ct setting weighs 10.3 g.

    The ring is part of the Dipladénia collection and can be matched to the bracelet, earrings or pendant from the same collection.

  • Paved Diamonds Band Ring "Pimprenelle"


    Like the small and dense flowers of the Pimprenelle, the band headband « Pimprenelle » is paved with many small diamonds.

    This original diamond alliance is thus set with 1.46 carat of G / VS diamonds (meeting the quality criteria of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp).

    The 18k gold mount is 8mm wide. Its weight is 7.0 g minimum.

  • Diamond Paved Bandeau Ring 2.15 karats...


    5 rows of diamonds, such as flowers arranged in spikes of lavender, garnish this large 18Kt gold ring.

    The Lavande bandeau ring measures 9.8 mm wide and is set with 2.15 karats of fine jewelery diamonds (G / VS) in 5 rows.

    The frame in 18Kt white, yellow or pink plain gold weighs 13.9 g

  • Diamond Ring 3 Rows of Diamonds 1.20 k...


    The center line, consisting of 9 princess-cut diamonds of 0.09 k each (2.50 mm) in G color and VS clarity rail crimped set, is surrounded by 2 rows of brilliants of 0.20 k each. That's a total of 1.20 k.

    The mount in 18k white, yellow or pink weighs 10.3 g minimum.

  • Paved Band Ring with  Diamonds 1.44 Kts...


    This large ring is composed of 2 rows of 9 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.08 carat each of high quality for a total of 1.44 carat. The stones, "closed" set, are highlighted by the work of the chiseled mount whose angles themselves produce reflections.

    The frame in 18Kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 10.4 g.

    This ring is perfect as a diamond wedding ring.