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Wedding, engagement, gifts : offer a diamond ring or a diamond solitaire of great quality

Diamond Rings and Solitaires

The Rings and Solitaires with exceptional diamonds for women offered by the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are in 18 k white gold, yellow gold, pink gold or platinum, set with diamonds of upper quality of your choice.

Our diamond rings and our solitaires are created by our jewelery artists in a contemporary, original or classical line to represent a singular event of life.

Safe value, the diamond ring can be offered for any occasion: engagement, wedding, birthday, etc...

As for the solitaire diamond ring, it is often chosen as an engagement ring because the diamond is self-sufficient. A diamond jewel highlighted on its mount, symbolizes the purity of the feelings, the strength of the commitment and the eternal luster of love which will transport you throughout the trip that you will make together ...

The diamond, as a rule, is self-sufficient for embellishing a hand, but its brilliance can be amplified by the presence of other smaller diamonds on the sides (solitary diamond accompanied), around it or on the ring (solitary diamond shouldered).

The originality of the emerald cut diamond solitaire or the princess cut diamond solitaire makes it a rare gift because the diamond that is mounted must be of an excellent quality to give all its brilliance.

You will surely find the ring or solitaire model that fits exactly what you are looking for thanks to the wide choice for all tastes and budgets that the Private Diamond Club Antwerp offers.

You can at any time ask us for advice on the choice of your diamond ring or solitaire, either via our form or by asking to be called back.

Indicate to us your preferences and we will send you pictures of models on which we will adapt the diamond of your choice.

All our diamond models of rings of and all our diamond solitaires are customizable: for a study of a personalized model just contact us !

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp offers diamond jewelry at prices 30 to 50% lower than the market prices at equivalent quality. Indeed, we work directly with the Antwerp Diamond Beurs with which we are a member. You save the costs of intermediaries such as traders and importers. We sell only by internet which allows us to make you benefit from the savings on the operating cost of a high street jewellery shop.

  • Large band princess cut Diamond Solitaire...


    Opt for the contemporary lines of this original diamond solitaire ring that highlights the clarity of an extra-white ( G color ) or white (H color) diamond and of a great clarity to a normal one (VS to SI) at your choice.

    4 round-section claws crimp a princess-cut diamond with a weight ranging from 0.20 carat to 0.75 carat (2.7 mm - 5.0 mm) on a wide ring.

    The choice of 18 k golden mount white, yellow or pink weighs between 3.6 g and 7 g according to the weigh and size of the diamond.

  • Solitaire Diamond Princess Cut - Fine...


    A princess cut diamond solitaire ring set with 4 squared claws on this very fine and light diamond jewel.

    Weighing 2.9 grams, the mount is available in 18 k white, yellow or pink gold.

    The Crocus model diamond solitaire can be mounted with a princess cut diamond weighing from 0.50 carat to 2.00 carats (4.4 mm - 6.9 mm).

  • Princess cut solitaire diamond engagement...


    Classic and eternally fashionable, this princess cut diamond is set in 4 double claws on a 18k gold setting weighing 3.0g.

    Available in white, yellow or pink gold.

    The solitaire diamond ring "Busserole" will be adorned with a princess cut diamond weighing from 0.20 carat to 0.70 carats, depending on your choice.

  • Four Claws diamond solitaire ring "Bignone"


    The squared section of the lightweight fender setting gives to this solitaire diamond ring a modern look.

    The Bignone diamond solitaire model can be set with a round brilliant cut diamond weighing between 0.20 and 1.50 carats.

    The mount in white, yellow or pink 18 k gold weighs 4.8 g at minimum.

  • Round diamond Solitaire with a Large...


    A solitaire diamond ring with a very modern and trendy look! The 4 squared claws widen and extend your diamond giving to it much more importance.

    The « Chevrefeuille » diamond jewel is available in white, yellow pink 18 k gold . The setting which weighs 5.8 g minimum will be adapted to the diamond chosen according to the 8 criteria : color, clarity, proportions, fluorescence etc ...

    The « Chevrefeuille » diamond solitaire model can be set with a diamond weighing between 0.20 and 2.50 carats.

  • Sumptuous Ring with Pear-cut Diamonds...


    This exceptional diamond ring will seduce you as much by its original shape as by the abundance and the quality of the 13 pear-cut diamonds that compose it and the 6 intercalary diamond rods inbetween the 2 rows of pear cut diamonds.

    13 pear-cut diamonds of 0.33 carat each (5 x 3.5 mm) and 6 diamonds of 0.09 carat (3.7 mm) for a total of 4.83 carats are adorning this sumptuous diamond ring and make it unique.

    The pear-cut diamonds are of course of exceptional clarity (VVS means so tiny inclusion (s) that you cannot see them even with a magnifying binocular loupe 10 times).

    Of course, the mount is in 18 k white gold and weighs 14.6 g.

  • Gold / Diamond Interlaced Ring "Delphinium"


    In one color or two colors of gold, this interwoven three-ring pattern will make an excellent wedding anniversary gift, for example.

    The 2 outer rings carry 22 high quality diamonds : extra white (G) and high clarity (VS). The diamonds are set on an 18k gold setting of 9.9 g or more.

  • Princess Diamonds Trilogy Ring 0.63 Kt...


    All in fineness and clarity this Trilogy ring carries 3 princess-cut diamonds. With a weight of 0.35 karat, the central stone, is surrounded by two diamonds of 0.14 Kt on both sides. The three stones are guaranteed of very high quality: color G (extra white) and clarity VS (unvisible impurities )

    The mount in 18Kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 4.1 g minimum.

  • Ring with two colors of gold and diamonds...


    An original shape and great fineness for this gold ring set with 0.07 carat brilliant-cut diamonds that is easily worn in all circumstances.

    The mount in white gold 18k, yellow gold 18k or two colors of gold 18k weighs 4.0 g minimum.

  • Diamond Ring 3 Rows of Diamonds 1.20 k...


    The center line, consisting of 9 princess-cut diamonds of 0.09 k each (2.50 mm) in G color and VS clarity rail crimped set, is surrounded by 2 rows of brilliants of 0.20 k each. That's a total of 1.20 k.

    The mount in 18k white, yellow or pink weighs 10.3 g minimum.

  • Band Ring Set with Diamonds 2.0 K  "Bardane"


    3 regular rows each composed of 7 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.095 k each of high quality give all its brilliance to this diamond ring .

    The setting of 4 large claws increases the size of the brilliants and their brilliance thus making this ring more dazeling.

    The mount in 18K white, yellow or pink gold weighs 13.7 g minimum.

  • Spiral twist diamond ring Ancolie


    A shape whirlwind very elegant, ideal for a wedding anniversary:

    For this spiral twist diamond ring, not less than 23 diamonds G / VS among which 20 are set grain and the 3 larger are tension set. A total of 1.07 carats on a gold 18 k setting of 6.6 g minimum.