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Diamond Rings and Solitaires

engagement ring solitaire

In what occasions do you offer a diamond solitaire or a diamond ring ?


The diamond solitaire is often chosen as an engagement ring. The unique diamond of the diamond solitaire highlighted on its mount, symbolizes the purity of the feelings, the strength of the commitment and the eternal shine of the love which will transport you throughout the trip that you will make together ...

The diamond, as a rule, is self-sufficient for embellishing a hand. However, its brilliance can be amplified by the presence of other smaller diamonds on the sides - it is then called diamond solitaire accompanied - or around it or on the ring what is called a bezel set diamond solitaire.

The cut of the diamond can also bring interesting variations to the diamond solitaire.

So an emerald-cut diamond solitaire or a princess-cut diamond solitaire is a rare gift. Indeed, the particular cut of the diamond mounted on the solitaire imposes a stone of very good quality to give all its brilliance to the ring!

When to offer a diamond ring?

True value, the diamond ring can be offered for any occasion: engagement, wedding, birthday, ... The multitude of shapes, number of diamonds, mounts shape (sober, classic, original, fine, thick, twisted, .. .) and shapes of the diamond (brilliant, princess, emerald, ...) make the possibilities are almost endless.

How to choose a ring or a solitaire?


Of course you have to choose a shape that you like or please to your future wife! Who goes on the finger and harmonizes well with the hand. The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp offers no less than 130 diamond rings and solitaires models ! Which proposed to you a very wide choice !

The color of the metal depends on the preferences of each of you . The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp only offers 18kt yellow, pink or white gold. It is indeed a guarantee of quality and longevity for a mount!

Be aware that whatever your choice is the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp with its guarantee "30 days to try" leaves you the right to b emistaken! Indeed, at the Private Diamond club of Antwerp the we aim only for your total satisfaction.

The diamond or diamonds worn on the ring or on the solitaire are of course a personal choice. Always in the worry of a serene purchase guaranteeing the quality of your purchase and therefore your satisfaction, we offer only diamonds of upper superior quality or ultra superior. It only depends to your wish and of course your budget.

wedding ring immortelle
on demand Private diamond club of antwrep

Your custom made diamond ring or diamond solitaire


We strive to offer a wide selection for every diamond solitaire and every diamond ring.

The possibilities being almost infinite we have voluntarily limited the possibilities for your comfort reading on our website.

Always with the desire to satisfy you completely, the Private Diamond club of Antwerp offers the custom made.

So if you have found the diamond solitaire or the diamond ring of your dreams but want it for example with a different diamond weight or other diamond qualities than those proposed, just contact us to make and receive a new proposition.

But the Private Diamond club of Antwergoes farther ! You have an original idea ? just provide us with a photo, a sketch, a drawing or even a simple idea of ​​a diamond ring. By submiting it to us we will make a free study to create your customised diamond solitaire or customised diamond ring.

All our jewels are designed and manufactured in Antwerp, the world diamond capital, by our experienced artisan jewelers. By working directly with the place of Antwerp, without intermediary or points of sale, the Private Diamond club of Antwerp guarantees you a price of 30% to 50% lower than that which you will find in the classical channels (at egal quality of gold and diamond ).

  • Large band princess cut Diamond Solitaire...


    Opt for the contemporary lines of this original diamond solitaire ring that highlights the clarity of an extra-white ( G color ) or white (H color) diamond and of a great clarity to a normal one (VS to SI) at your choice.

    4 round-section claws crimp a princess-cut diamond with a weight ranging from 0.20 carat to 0.75 carat (2.7 mm - 5.0 mm) on a wide ring.

    The choice of 18 k golden mount white, yellow or pink weighs between 3.6 g and 7 g according to the weigh and size of the diamond.

  • Solitaire Diamond Princess Cut - Fine...


    A princess cut diamond solitaire ring set with 4 squared claws on this very fine and light diamond jewel.

    Weighing 2.9 grams, the mount is available in 18 k white, yellow or pink gold.

    The Crocus model diamond solitaire can be mounted with a princess cut diamond weighing from 0.50 carat to 2.00 carats (4.4 mm - 6.9 mm).

  • Princess cut solitaire diamond engagement...


    Classic and eternally fashionable, this princess cut diamond is set in 4 double claws on a 18k gold setting weighing 3.0g.

    Available in white, yellow or pink gold.

    The solitaire diamond ring "Busserole" will be adorned with a princess cut diamond weighing from 0.20 carat to 0.70 carats, depending on your choice.

  • Four Claws diamond solitaire ring "Bignone"


    The squared section of the lightweight fender setting gives to this solitaire diamond ring a modern look.

    The Bignone diamond solitaire model can be set with a round brilliant cut diamond weighing between 0.20 and 1.50 carats.

    The mount in white, yellow or pink 18 k gold weighs 4.8 g at minimum.

  • Diamond Alliance Invisible Set "Azalée"


    The « Azalée » diamond ring carries 7 princess-cut diamonds of 0.06 carat each : Extra-white (G) and high grade clarity (VS) diamonds for a total of 0.41 carat.

    The stones are set with rail on a 18k gold setting.

  • Round diamond Solitaire with a Large...


    A solitaire diamond ring with a very modern and trendy look! The 4 squared claws widen and extend your diamond giving to it much more importance.

    The « Chevrefeuille » diamond jewel is available in white, yellow pink 18 k gold . The setting which weighs 5.8 g minimum will be adapted to the diamond chosen according to the 8 criteria : color, clarity, proportions, fluorescence etc ...

    The « Chevrefeuille » diamond solitaire model can be set with a diamond weighing between 0.20 and 2.50 carats.

  • Sumptuous Ring with Pear-cut Diamonds...


    This exceptional diamond ring will seduce you as much by its original shape as by the abundance and the quality of the 13 pear-cut diamonds that compose it and the 6 intercalary diamond rods inbetween the 2 rows of pear cut diamonds.

    13 pear-cut diamonds of 0.33 carat each (5 x 3.5 mm) and 6 diamonds of 0.09 carat (3.7 mm) for a total of 4.83 carats are adorning this sumptuous diamond ring and make it unique.

    The pear-cut diamonds are of course of exceptional clarity (VVS means so tiny inclusion (s) that you cannot see them even with a magnifying binocular loupe 10 times).

    Of course, the mount is in 18 k white gold and weighs 14.6 g.

  • Four-leaf diamond ring "Genêt"


    A pretty four-leaf clover diamond ring to be given as a gift or to offer yourself! Four G/VS diamonds of 0.08 ct each (2.8 mm) are set with 5 prongs that become an important part of the design.

    The 18k white or yellow gold setting weighs 3.1g minimum.

  • Diamond Ring / Alliance 5 Diamonds...


    This diamond ring pattern will also fit as a sparkling diamond alliance.

    The 5 brilliant-cut diamonds with a unit weight of 0.20 carat (3.8 mm) or 0.25 carat (4.10 mm) are of very good quality : G-H (extra white – white ) and VS (invisible very light inclusions). Crimped by 4 claws, they form a perfect band of brilliant diamonds of thousand fires.

    The mount in white, yellow or pink 18k gold weighs 5.0 g.

  • Gold / Diamond Interlaced Ring "Delphinium"


    In one color or two colors of gold, this interwoven three-ring pattern will make an excellent wedding anniversary gift, for example.

    The 2 outer rings carry 22 high quality diamonds : extra white (G) and high clarity (VS). The diamonds are set on an 18k gold setting of 9.9 g or more.

  • Square Ring 9 Diamonds "Lupin"


    The sleek lines of this very young diamond ring and the square arrangement of the 9 high-quality round diamonds highlight the 9 diamonds and give the impression that they are one and the same diamond of great volume. .

    The mount in white, yellow or pink 18 k gold weighs 3.5 g minimum.

  • Princess Diamonds Trilogy Ring 0.63 Kt...


    All in fineness and clarity this Trilogy ring carries 3 princess-cut diamonds. With a weight of 0.35 karat, the central stone, is surrounded by two diamonds of 0.14 Kt on both sides. The three stones are guaranteed of very high quality: color G (extra white) and clarity VS (unvisible impurities )

    The mount in 18Kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 4.1 g minimum.

  • Romantic Diamond Ring "Butterfly"


    The perfect diamond gift to wear or to offer!

    The butterfly seems to have landed on the 18k gold ring. Its wings are paved with high quality diamonds worked by our best artisans-jewelers in the Antwerp market place for a weight of 0.10 carat.

  • Ring with two colors of gold and diamonds...


    An original shape and great fineness for this gold ring set with 0.07 carat brilliant-cut diamonds that is easily worn in all circumstances.

    The mount in white gold 18k, yellow gold 18k or two colors of gold 18k weighs 4.0 g minimum.

  • Trilogy Paved Ring "Seringat"


    A ring with an original shape for this jewel composed of 3 round diamonds of 0.3 karat each of high quality (according to the 8 criteria of quality of the diamond always scrupulously respected on the site of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp).

    Each diamond is surrounded by a garland of small diamonds that enhance its brilliance.

    The 8.0 g mount is out 18 carat white gold.

  • Diamond Ring 3 Rows of Diamonds 1.20 k...


    The center line, consisting of 9 princess-cut diamonds of 0.09 k each (2.50 mm) in G color and VS clarity rail crimped set, is surrounded by 2 rows of brilliants of 0.20 k each. That's a total of 1.20 k.

    The mount in 18k white, yellow or pink weighs 10.3 g minimum.

  • Garland Ring 5 Diamonds 1.15 karats...

    This model looks like the paved trilogy ring  "Seringat" but  is proposed here with 5 diamonds intertwined with  a 0.15 karat diamond garland. The 5 round diamonds of superior quality -  high clarity and extra white rated G / VS according to the diamond quality criteria are adorned with a diamond garland.   This plain gold ring weighs 8.4 g.
  • Band Ring Set with Diamonds 2.0 K "Bardane"


    3 regular rows each composed of 7 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.095 k each of high quality give all its brilliance to this diamond ring .

    The setting of 4 large claws increases the size of the brilliants and their brilliance thus making this ring more dazeling.

    The mount in 18K white, yellow or pink gold weighs 13.7 g minimum.

  • Spiral twist diamond ring "Ancolie"


    A shape whirlwind very elegant, ideal for a wedding anniversary:

    For this spiral twist diamond ring, not less than 23 diamonds G / VS among which 20 are set grain and the 3 larger are tension set. A total of 1.07 carats on a gold 18 k setting of 6.6 g minimum.

  • Paved Diamonds Band Ring "Pimprenelle"


    Like the small and dense flowers of the Pimprenelle, the band headband « Pimprenelle » is paved with many small diamonds.

    This original diamond alliance is thus set with 1.46 carat of G / VS diamonds (meeting the quality criteria of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp).

    The 18k gold mount is 8mm wide. Its weight is 7.0 g minimum.

  • Swirl Ring You And Me 0.90 Carat "Aster"


    The two round diamonds of 0.45 karat each are set in tension between the branches of this 18 kt plain gold tourbillon ring of 11.1 g minimum.

    For this model the choice of the quality of diamonds is left to your decision. You can contact us to get a quotation according to your wishes in terms of diamond quality: Color, Clarity, Fluorescence ....

  • Modern gold and diamond ring "Cardamone 1P"


    A very modern and refine shape for this ring carrying between two fine rings a princess cut F-G / VS diamond of 0.20 carat. The 18 k gold setting is made out of white yellow pink or two colors gold and weighs 4.9 g.

  • Solitaire Diamond Spiral Set with Tension...


    Also called Catananche (Greek origin), the Cupidone takes its name from the Roman God of love and was formerly used to make love potions !

    This solitaire ring will be perfect to declare your love and will delight your sweetheart ...

    The round diamond (brilliant-cut) of 0.45 Karat of this solitaire is set in tension between the branches of an 18 Kt gold spiral mount of 11.1 g.

  • Solitaire Diamond Spiral Set with Tension...


    A 0.45 carat round diamond is set in tension between the branches of an 18-carat gold 11.1 g spiral mount that will gently wrap around your finger.

    The diamond is offered in 2 qualities G / VS and H / SI and in 3 colors of gold 18kt : yellow, pink or white.

  • Paved Band Ring with Diamonds 1.44 Kts...


    This large ring is composed of 2 rows of 9 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.08 carat each of high quality for a total of 1.44 carat. The stones, "closed" set, are highlighted by the work of the chiseled mount whose angles themselves produce reflections.

    The frame in 18Kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 10.4 g.

    This ring is perfect as a diamond wedding ring.

  • White and Pink Gold Whirlwind Diamond...


    A real swirl of diamonds ! This trendy gold / diamond ring combines 2 branches of 18Kt gold (white and pink) in a whirlwind of precious metals set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

    The 2 rows of 11 brilliants, with decreasing sizes, are set on the white gold branch. The frame weighs at least 14.4 g.

  • Emerald-Cut Diamond solitaire paved on...


    A symbol of beauty and feminine temptation for centuries, jasmine is one of the most fragrant flowers used in perfumery.

    Like jasmine, the diamond solitaire « Jasmin » appears sober and refined, rich and seductive.

    The ring carries at its center a diamond of 1.15 karat emerald-cut of very high quality certified by a recognized and independent laboratory (color G and purity VS).

    The central stone is illuminated on each side with 0.27 karat diamonds set on 3 rows.

    The 18kt gold setting weighs a minimum of 6.0 g.

  • Paved Diamond Solitaire Ring "Jonquille"


    Like the daffodil with its central corolla surrounded by its petals, the diamond solitaire « Jonquille » conceals in its center a brilliant-cut diamond accompanied by multiple small diamonds.

    Three very fine rings, paved with 0.40 karat of diamonds (88 x 0.9 mm), support the brilliant-cut diamond of 1.20 Karats

    The mount, in 18Kt plain gold, weighs at least 8.5 g. The jewel, includind its 2 rings, is 6.2 mm wide.

  • Bandeau Paved diamond Ring "Jusquiame 2"


    A very large band diamond ring: no less than 4,0 Karats of diamonds spread over 9 rows!

    The band Ring « Jusquiame » is set on all its circumference of 9 rows of diamonds of very high quality (G / VS).

    The mount in 18kt yellow, pink or white gold weighs 17.9 g.

  • Diamond Paved Bandeau Ring 2.15 karats...


    5 rows of diamonds, such as flowers arranged in spikes of lavender, garnish this large 18Kt gold ring.

    The Lavande bandeau ring measures 9.8 mm wide and is set with 2.15 karats of fine jewelery diamonds (G / VS) in 5 rows.

    The frame in 18Kt white, yellow or pink plain gold weighs 13.9 g