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Diamond Rings and Solitaires

engagement ring solitaire

In what occasions do you offer a diamond solitaire or a diamond ring ?


The diamond solitaire is often chosen as an engagement ring. The unique diamond of the diamond solitaire highlighted on its mount, symbolizes the purity of the feelings, the strength of the commitment and the eternal shine of the love which will transport you throughout the trip that you will make together ...

The diamond, as a rule, is self-sufficient for embellishing a hand. However, its brilliance can be amplified by the presence of other smaller diamonds on the sides - it is then called diamond solitaire accompanied - or around it or on the ring what is called a bezel set diamond solitaire.

The cut of the diamond can also bring interesting variations to the diamond solitaire.

So an emerald-cut diamond solitaire or a princess-cut diamond solitaire is a rare gift. Indeed, the particular cut of the diamond mounted on the solitaire imposes a stone of very good quality to give all its brilliance to the ring!

When to offer a diamond ring?

True value, the diamond ring can be offered for any occasion: engagement, wedding, birthday, ... The multitude of shapes, number of diamonds, mounts shape (sober, classic, original, fine, thick, twisted, .. .) and shapes of the diamond (brilliant, princess, emerald, ...) make the possibilities are almost endless.

How to choose a ring or a solitaire?


Of course you have to choose a shape that you like or please to your future wife! Who goes on the finger and harmonizes well with the hand. The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp offers no less than 130 diamond rings and solitaires models ! Which proposed to you a very wide choice !

The color of the metal depends on the preferences of each of you . The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp only offers 18kt yellow, pink or white gold. It is indeed a guarantee of quality and longevity for a mount!

Be aware that whatever your choice is the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp with its guarantee "30 days to try" leaves you the right to b emistaken! Indeed, at the Private Diamond club of Antwerp the we aim only for your total satisfaction.

The diamond or diamonds worn on the ring or on the solitaire are of course a personal choice. Always in the worry of a serene purchase guaranteeing the quality of your purchase and therefore your satisfaction, we offer only diamonds of upper superior quality or ultra superior. It only depends to your wish and of course your budget.

wedding ring immortelle
on demand Private diamond club of antwrep

Your custom made diamond ring or diamond solitaire


We strive to offer a wide selection for every diamond solitaire and every diamond ring.

The possibilities being almost infinite we have voluntarily limited the possibilities for your comfort reading on our website.

Always with the desire to satisfy you completely, the Private Diamond club of Antwerp offers the custom made.

So if you have found the diamond solitaire or the diamond ring of your dreams but want it for example with a different diamond weight or other diamond qualities than those proposed, just contact us to make and receive a new proposition.

But the Private Diamond club of Antwer goes farther ! You have an original idea ? just provide us with a photo, a sketch, a drawing or even a simple idea of ​​a diamond ring. By submiting it to us we will make a free study to create your customised diamond solitaire or customised diamond ring.

All our jewels are designed and manufactured in Antwerp, the world diamond capital, by our experienced artisan jewelers. By working directly with the place of Antwerp, without intermediary or points of sale, the Private Diamond club of Antwerp guarantees you a price of 30% to 50% lower than that which you will find in the classical channels (at egal quality of gold and diamond ).

  • Tension set diamond engagement ring...


    A modern and very original setting for this engagement ring with a 0.23 ct D-F/ IF - VVS diamond tension set  between two branches in two 18k gold colours.
    The setting weighs 8.0 g and is also available in one single 18k gold colour.

  • Modern gold and diamond ring "Cardamone 1R"


    A very modern and refined shape for this stylish diamong ring. Tension set between two fine rings is a round D-E-F / LC-VVS diamond of 0.20 ct ( 3.80 mm ). The 18 k gold setting can be made out of white yellow pink or a combination and weighs 4.8 g minimum.

  • Four intertwined rings 18k gold and...


    An original shape for these 4 interwined rings. One of them is set by 17 small diamonds D-E-F / LC-VVS on the top.
    The setting weighs 7.0 grams.

  • Modern gold and princess cut diamonds ring...


    A very modern and refine shape for this diamond ring carrying between two fine rings, three princess cut F-G / VS diamond of 0.12 carat each ( 2.7 mm ).

    The 18 k gold setting is made out of white, yellow, pink or two colors gold and weighs 4.6 g.

  • Diamond Solitaire Shoulder set "Primavera"


    A blow of heart assured for this fine and elegant diamond ring!

    The brilliant-cut diamond, weighing between 0.30 and 1.00 carat, is supported by a paving of 0.010 karat diamonds. The stone, set by 6 claws, thus sees its luster enhanced.

    The frame in 18kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 3.5 to 4.1 g depending of your diamond choice

  • Diamond Solitaire 6 Claws "Mauve"


    Like the notched petals of the mauve, the rather large claws at the base of this diamond solitaire enclose in their heart a round diamond of high quality.

    The ring that carries this brilliant, fine on the top (its section is almost triangular), to widen at the base highlights the precious stone thus magnified.

  • Diamond Alliance Invisible Set "Azalée"


    The « Azalée » diamond ring carries 7 princess-cut diamonds of 0.06 carat each : Extra-white (G) and high grade clarity (VS) diamonds for a total of 0.41 carat.

    The stones are set with rail on a 18k gold setting.

  • Diamond Solitaire Princess-cut "Cytise"


    A sleek and very modern line to accompany and highlight the sobriety of a princess-cut diamond.

    The four claws at the corners of this solitaire diamond round out the diamond to let the light through and increase the brilliance of the stone.

    The 18kt white, yellow or pink gold frame weighs 4.1 g.

    The diamond solitaire model "Cytise" can be mounted with the princess-cut diamond of your choice from 0.40 karat to 1.50 karats.

  • Diamond Solitaire with princess-cut...


    The shoulder supports  of this beautiful diamond solitaire bear 6 princess-cut diamonds of 0.05 carat each  invisibly set.

    These 6 diamonds from Antwerp highlight the brilliance of this solitaire of very high quality: G, extra white for color and VS for excellent clarity.

    You will choose your diamond according to your desire with a weight between 0.20 karat and 1.25 karats (3.80 mm to 7.00 mm).

    The frame in 18ct white, yellow or pink gold weighs 4.5 g.

  • Diamond solitaire 0.20ct and 18K white...


    This is a beautiful ring with a 0.2ct solitaire diamond set in 18K gold. The stone is mounted with a 4 claw setting. The gold setting white yellow or pink weighs 3.5g.

  • Two intertwined rings 2 golds and diamonds...


    Journey diamond ring or anniversary ring, the choice is yours! A symbolic white gold ring set with 21 diamonds, EF - LC / VVS, of 0.015 ct, is intertwined with an 18k yellow gold ring.

    The setting weighs 3.2 grams.

  • Solitaire diamond and 18K gold ring...


    Diamond solitaire 0.23ct ring. The carved 18K gold design enhances the setting of the single stone. The 18 k gold setting white yellow or pink weighs 3.5g.

  • Round shape diamond engagement ring "Dionée"

    A light and delicate shape for this asymmetrical diamond engagement ring. The 0.25 ct central diamond G / VS (4.1 mm) is supported by three claws and accompanied by 9 pave set round diamonds for a total of 0.15 ct.
    The 18k yellow, white or pink gold setting weighs 5.0 g.
  • Solitaire diamond and 18K gold ring "Lotier"


    Elegant solitaire diamond ring. The 0.33ct stone is set in 18K gold. The design is modern and can be worn for all occasions. The 18 k gold setting white yellow or pink weighs 3.5 g.

  • Gold / Diamond Interlaced Ring "Delphinium"


    In one color or two colors of gold, this interwoven three-ring pattern will make an excellent wedding anniversary gift, for example.

    The 2 outer rings carry 22 high quality diamonds : extra white (G) and high clarity (VS). The diamonds are set on an 18k gold setting of 9.9 g or more.

  • Large pave diamond band "Glaïeul 3"


    A refine, elegant and original design for this diamond band ring. Pattern 2 rows of 51 diamonds of the finest quality DEF / VVS-LC for a total weight of 0.38 carat. The white, yellow or pink 18k gold setting weighs 8.3 g and measures 1.2 cm wide.
    This model diamond ring is part of the collection "Glaieul" and can be matched with the diamond bracelet, the earrings, or the diamond pendant from the same collection.

  • Antique halo setting diamond engagement...


    This halo set diamond engagement ring has a vintage feel and features 22 round pave-set diamonds, approximately 0.29 to 0.35 ct total weight, whcih have been hand-selected and matched for exceptional sparkle. Set in superior quality 18 k white, yellow or pink gold, this ring awaits the G/VS center diamond of your choice at approximately 0.25 to 1.00 ct.

    Why not match the Aubépine diamond solitaire with paired earrings and diamond pendant?

  • Diamond Solitaire Tension set "Orchidée"


    This beautiful solitaire with a sober and modern look gives the impression that the brilliant-cut diamond floats between the open 2 branches of the ring.

    It is thanks to its original tension set : the gemstone is maintained by the pressure of the 2 parts of the ring out of 18 kt gold.

    The pavement consisting of 24 stones of 0.01 carat each Bason the top of the two branches of the ring highlights the diamond of this solitaire while enhancing its luster.

    This engagement or wedding ring will surely delight the person who will receive it.

  • Diamond Ring / Alliance 5 Diamonds...


    This diamond ring pattern will also fit as a sparkling diamond alliance.

    The 5 brilliant-cut diamonds with a unit weight of 0.20 carat (3.8 mm) or 0.25 carat (4.10 mm) are of very good quality : G-H (extra white – white ) and VS (invisible very light inclusions). Crimped by 4 claws, they form a perfect band of brilliant diamonds of thousand fires.

    The mount in white, yellow or pink 18k gold weighs 5.0 g.

  • Paved Diamond Ball Ring 0.44 K "Boule de...


    So much effect for this ball ring paved with 13 high-quality brilliant-cut diamonds - G grade for extra white color and VS for clarity, which means that the very light inclusions in the diamond might be visible only with a diamond 10 times magnifying glass.

    The total diamond represents 0.44 karat. The 18 K white, yellow or pink gold mount weighs 2.8 g minimum.

  • Princess Diamonds Trilogy Ring 0.63 Kt...


    All in fineness and clarity this Trilogy ring carries 3 princess-cut diamonds. With a weight of 0.35 karat, the central stone, is surrounded by two diamonds of 0.14 Kt on both sides. The three stones are guaranteed of very high quality: color G (extra white) and clarity VS (unvisible impurities )

    The mount in 18Kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 4.1 g minimum.

  • Solitaire Diamond Shoulder "Giroflée"


    This diamond solitary will shine a thousand lights on your finger!

    Its brilliant-cut diamond is beautifully enhanced by the magnifiscent stylized 0.12-carat diamond shoulder !

    The brilliance thus enhanced by the central diamond, set by 6 claws in a W shape, combines with the fineness of the frame which becomes narrower at the base of the setting.

    The mount in 18kt white, yellow or pink gold , weighs 4.8 g.

  • Round Ring Set 0.85 C Diamond "Coronille"


    Coronilla flowers, a wild shrub, are grouped by 2 to 5.

    This principle is adopted by the "Coronille" diamond ball ring. The 19 brilliant-cut diamonds, grouped in a beautiful ball of clarity and brilliance, bring a lot of effect and brilliance to this 18kt white, yellow or pink gold ring weighing 4.8 g minimum.

  • Diamond Solitaire supported by 2 Branches...


    A delicate engagement ring that she will never be tired of admiring it  while thinking of you!

    4 discreet claws support a round diamond between two paved branches of 0.20 carat diamonds of exceptional quality : D-E-F / IF-VVS.

    The frame, in 18kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 5.0 g.

    The quoted price  is without the price of the central diamond.

  • Sidestones diamond engagement ring "Aliumv"


    Halfway between the wedding ring and diamond engagement ring this model will seduce you with a round 0.34 carat G / VS (4.5 mm) diamond set on 6 prongs accompanied on each side by two 0.055 ct (2.50 mm) brilliants of the finest quality DF / IF-VVF. 
    The 18 k white yellow or pink setting weighs 3.2 g.

  • Pearl and Diamond Ring "Colutea"


    The Baguenaudier (Colutea arborescens) bears fruit in the shape of a pod. This ring "Colutea" borrows this form.

    The ring is open and carries on one side a bead whose color is matched to that of the gold of the ring ; on the other side it carries at the top of its enlarged portion 20 brilliant cut diamonds ultra superior quality (color D / E / F: who are the uper classes ) and extremely pure (without or with so tiny impurities that they are not visible to the naked eye or even with a binocular magnifying 10 times) LC / VVS.

  • Solitaire Diamond Princess Cut - Fine...


    A princess cut diamond solitaire ring set with 4 squared claws on this very fine and light diamond jewel.

    Weighing 2.9 grams, the mount is available in 18 k white, yellow or pink gold.

    The Crocus model diamond solitaire can be mounted with a princess cut diamond weighing from 0.50 carat to 2.00 carats (4.4 mm - 6.9 mm).

  • Diamond Solitaire 4 Claws Square Section...


    This diamond solitaire adopts a sober and resolutely modern line. The brilliant-cut diamond is set by 4 claws of rather square shape arranged in "square". The ring also adopts a less smooth and more "square" shape

    For the diamond adorning this solitaire you will choose a brilliant G / VS1 (extra white with invisible very small inclusions or H / SI1 (white with invisible inclusions without a magnifying glass x10). All the details about the colors of the diamonds are available here and for the clarity also.

  • Large pave diamond band "Glaïeul 1"


    A refined, elegant and original design for this diamond band ring which includes one fine row of 19 diamonds of the finest quality DEF / VVS-LC for a total weight of 0.36 ct. The 18k gold white, yellow or pink gold setting weighs 11.3 g and mesures 1.5 cm wide.

    This diamond ring is part of the "Glaieul" collection and can be matched with the diamond bracelet, earrings, or diamond pendant from the same collection.

  • Split shank diamond engagement ring...


    4 discrete claws support a round G/VS diamond on split shank paved with 0.20 c of diamonds.

    The weight of the central diamond is included between 0.25 and 1.00 carat ( 4.10 and 6.50 mm ).

    The white, yellow or pink 18k gold setting weighs 5.0 g.