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Offer a diamond solitaire ring

Diamond solitaire rings are preferred for marriage proposals. On this occasion, the man offers to his future wife a beautiful diamond ring, as a sign of commitment and love. On Private Diamond Club, you will find a big choice of diamond solitaire rings in a classic, retro, contemporary or trend style.

You can also choose to create your own exceptional jewel choosing the diamond and the setting. Diamond solitaire ring has the fabulous property to be sufficient itself, but it is as well possible to add paving of diamonds on the ring to enhance its brilliance. For more original solitaire diamond rings, do not hesitate to choose emerald cut diamond or princess cut diamond ring.

Buy your diamond solitaire rings on Private Diamond Club

By buying your diamond solitaire ring on Private Diamond Club, you get prices up to 30-50% lower than prices on the market by avoiding commissions of intermediaries (traders, importers and wholesalers). We offer you hand delivery within 8 days for all your orders. Finally, you have 30 days to try your jewelry and exchange it if it does not satisfy you completely.

On our website you will find all answers to your questions, as for example « How to choose your diamond solitaire ring? », or « How to estimate the price of diamond?»

As soon as you will read our online guide “Diamond Education”, you will learn about the 8 quality criteria that help to determine the value of a diamond: carat, clarity, color, shape, proportions, symmetry, finish and fluorescence. We are also there for you, to help you make the right choice. Notice that all our diamonds are delivered by worldwide recognized laboratories. Call our Customer Service at +32 (0)3 227 08 20 to find out more about diamond solitaire rings and to be advised!