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Diamond wedding ring


The alliance: the symbol of a lasting love


A great event, a highlight of your life is coming: your wedding. On the occasion of this event you want to respect the tradition and proceed to the exchange of your alliances.

This symbolic act in which the man and the woman exchange their consents and symbolize their union closes the passage in front of the mayor and for many the religious ceremony.

But how to choose your wedding rings ?


You surely want

An alliance of quality that will last all your life ...

For this the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp advises you an alliance out of 18 ct gold.

An alliance that will shine every day as much as on the first day ….

A diamond alliance of quality will guarantee you an eternal shine. But it must be chosen with care because there are many quality diamonds : we usually talk about the 4 criteria of quality of the diamond. But in reality there are 8 criteria to check to ensure the quality of diamonds that are mounted on your wedding rings!

An alliance that suits you ...

To Have the choice is important to you ! To be advised and accompanied is just as much ! To be able to adapt even to try the model and to have in the end the guarantee that your purchase corresponds to your needs is primordial !


Private Diamaond Club of Antwrep


With its advice by phone or email, the possibility to adapt or to create your « tailor-made » alliance the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp wishes to accede to your wishes.
You can count on the respect of our quality charter ( 8 Quality Criteria ), a custom made and made to measure by the best jeweler artisan of Antwerp (world capital of diamond) and thus have the full knowledge of the diamond jewel that you buy.

60 models of wedding rings


By working directly, without any intermediary, with the Antwerp cutting and working shops, the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp offers more than 60 models of diamond alliances of very high to exceptional quality (according to your budget) at a guaranteed price up to less 50% of the price of high-street jewelers for an identical model (same qualities of gold and diamond).

With the 30-day trial guarantee that allows you to exchange your alliance for another model, you can not go wrong.

And of course the delivery is free and secured !


Find wedding ring that suits you


Then discover without delay our dozens of models of diamond alliances : sober or sophisticated, simple or with rings of different gold intertwined, you will necessarily find the alliance that suits you. Do not forget that our team is at your disposal by mail or phone to advise you.

A model you like but a little something does not suit you ... again contact us, we can certainly adapt the model accordingly.

You have an original idea of ​​diamond alliance that you have not found on the site of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp or any other ... submit your idea and we will make for you a free study !

Modestly, the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp, will be happy to have contributed to the success of this wonderful day that will be your wedding !

  • Three intertwined rings 18k gold and...


    This criss-cross diamond ring is formed by three intertwined rings which seem to dance: the one of them is set on two rows of 60 small diamonds D-E-F / LC-VVS on the top for a total of 0.43 carats, two others are respectively made with white and yellow 18 k gold.
    The total weight of the setting is 8.3 grams.

  • Plain Gold 18 k alliance with 50 diamonds...


    Classic 18k yellow gold, white, pink or red alliance ring, set with 2 rows of 25 ultra-high quality shine (D / E / F color and LC / VVS clarity) with a total of 50 diamonds for a total weight of 0.40 carat.

    Sober and elegant, it will brighten your finger.

  • Diamond eternity ring with 20 diamonds...


    This stunning anniversary or wedding diamond ring in 18 k gold will turn heads and is set with 20 diamonds, D-E-F / IF - VVS, for a total of 0.78 ct. The white, yellow or pink gold setting weighs 4.3 g.

    The price of a diamond wedding ring is related to you finger size. If you like this diamond wedding ring, please contact us by e-mail or by phone. We will be very pleased to help you to choose the diamond jewel according to your requirements.

    See in the same series Althéa 2 and Althéa 3 

  • Alliance with 80 Brilliants of Ultra High...

    This alliance is set with 80 round diamonds of ultra superior quality (color D / E / F and LC / VVS clarity). Fine and elegant, with its round 18k gold ring design, this wedding ring is perfect for women lovers of sparkling but always discreet rings. Its choice of four gold colors (white, yellow, pink or red) will allow your wedding ring to match your look or match it with other diamond jewels.
  • Diamond anniversary ring with 5 round...


    Diamond anniversary ring or half wedding ring 5 stones set each with 4 claws that extend into garlands.
    5 brilliant 0.2 carat to 0.30 carat each (3.8 mm to 4.20 mm) of G color and VS clarity.
    18k gold white, yellow or pink setting weighs 4.9 g.

  • Trilogy Paved Ring "Seringat"


    A ring with an original shape for this jewel composed of 3 round diamonds of 0.3 karat each of high quality (according to the 8 criteria of quality of the diamond always scrupulously respected on the site of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp).

    Each diamond is surrounded by a garland of small diamonds that enhance its brilliance.

    The 8.0 g mount is out 18 carat white gold.

  • Diamond eternity ring 9 diamonds "Astilbe"


    The most classical half eternity / wedding ring with 9 diamonds set with 4 prongs. The 18 k white gold or pink setting weighs 9.0 g.

  • Diamond eternity ring 9 diamonds "Adonite"


    The most classical half diamond wedding/ eternity ring with 9 diamonds set on 4 prongs. The 18 k white gold or pink setting weighs 9.0 g.

  • Paved Band Ring with Diamonds 1.44 Kts...


    This large ring is composed of 2 rows of 9 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.08 carat each of high quality for a total of 1.44 carat. The stones, "closed" set, are highlighted by the work of the chiseled mount whose angles themselves produce reflections.

    The frame in 18Kt white, yellow or pink gold weighs 10.4 g.

    This ring is perfect as a diamond wedding ring.

  • Alliance 6 brillant-cut Diamonds 1.27...


    The model Liseron alliance is adorned with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.21 carat each (3.85 mm) of color Extra white (G), and high Clafity (VS).

    The 6 diamonds, representing a total of 1.27 carats, are crimped by 4 claws.

    The mount in white, yellow or pink 18 k carat gold weighs at least 5.1 g ; thi weight of course depends on the circumference of the ring.

  • Perfect Eternity ring 46 diamonds "Acacia"


    The originality of this diamond alliance diamond lies in its two thin rows set each 23 diamonds of 1.70 mm from the finest quality DEF / IF - VVS for a total of 0.81 carat.
    The setting in white, yellow or pink 18k gold  weighs 8.3 g.

    This model is part of the collection "Acacia" and can be matched to the diamond bracelet, pendant or with diamond earrings.

  • Large pave diamond band 0.80 ct "Fittonia"


    Ring or half wedding ring ? Make your choice !

    Three rows with 75 pave set diamonds, of one of the most beautiful qualities D-E-F / LC-VVS, for a total weight of 0.80 carats.

    The 18 k gold setting, white, yellow or pink, weighs 9.4 g.

  • Wedding band with 11 round diamonds "Alisma"


    Semi wedding band set with 11 brilliants of 0.10 ct ( 3.0 mm )  D-E-F/LC-VVS.

    The 18 k white, yellow or pink gold setting weighs 9.0 g.

  • Paved Diamonds Band Ring "Pimprenelle"


    Like the small and dense flowers of the Pimprenelle, the band headband « Pimprenelle » is paved with many small diamonds.

    This original diamond alliance is thus set with 1.46 carat of G / VS diamonds (meeting the quality criteria of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp).

    The 18k gold mount is 8mm wide. Its weight is 7.0 g minimum.

  • Band Ring Set with Diamonds 2.0 K "Bardane"


    3 regular rows each composed of 7 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.095 k each of high quality give all its brilliance to this diamond ring .

    The setting of 4 large claws increases the size of the brilliants and their brilliance thus making this ring more dazeling.

    The mount in 18K white, yellow or pink gold weighs 13.7 g minimum.

  • Diamond Alliance with 17 Brilliants "Nigelle"


    A fine and elegant diamond wedding ring in 18k gold. 17 brilliants of exceptional white color and very high clarity are crimped wit claws all around the alliance.

    At once sober and elegant, this wedding ring represents a magnificent proof of love for those who will receive and wear it.

    The 18k gold setting is available in gold or in other different colors.

  • Intertwined diamond ring "Curcuma"


    Five rings paved with 140 brilliants are intertwined and seem to dance around your finger. This wonderful diamond gold ring adorned with 1.59 carat of the most beautiful quality D-F/IF-VVS.
    The setting in 18 carat white, yellow, pink or two colors gold weighs 14.6 g.

  • Modern pave set diamond ring "Gloxinia"


    Six rings paved 342 brilliants are intertwined and seem to dance around your finger. This wonderful diamond gold ring adorned with 3.43 carats of diamonds G / VS.
    The setting in 18 carat white, yellow, pink or two colors gold weighs 13.8 g.