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Eternity Diamond Rings - Private Diamond Club

Eternity Diamond Rings

When selecting the perfect wedding band, it is important to choose one that will not only enhance the engagement ring that it is paired with, but to also pick a style that suits the personality of the woman who will be wearing it. One style that is amazingly beautiful and offers plenty of sparkle that will perfectly offset a dazzling engagement ring is an eternity diamond ring. An eternity diamond ring is a band that is studded with genuine diamonds, either completely or partially around the entire surface of the ring. An eternity diamond ring symbolizes the commitment that a couple makes to spend an eternity together, starting any marriage off with a beautiful beginning. All of the eternity diamond rings featured are set in 18 karat gold, which makes the perfect setting for such a beautiful and classy design. Different diamond shapes and sizes give each of these rings a very distinct look, making it simple to match one of these glorious jewels with any engagement ring and fit the style of the woman who will be wearing it to show that she is loved. Eternity diamond rings are perfect for women who love beautiful diamonds on their jewelry, with quality gems that are carefully selected and placed in yellow, white, or pink gold to give her the perfect ring that she truly deserves.

  • Sumptuous Ring with Pear-cut Diamonds...


    This exceptional diamond ring will seduce you as much by its original shape as by the abundance and the quality of the 13 pear-cut diamonds that compose it and the 6 intercalary diamond rods inbetween the 2 rows of pear cut diamonds.

    13 pear-cut diamonds of 0.33 carat each (5 x 3.5 mm) and 6 diamonds of 0.09 carat (3.7 mm) for a total of 4.83 carats are adorning this sumptuous diamond ring and make it unique.

    The pear-cut diamonds are of course of exceptional clarity (VVS means so tiny inclusion (s) that you cannot see them even with a magnifying binocular loupe 10 times).

    Of course, the mount is in 18 k white gold and weighs 14.6 g.

  • Delicate diamond eternity ring Fritillaire


    Wear alone or alongside the same ring but in a different colour, this original eternity diamond ring is paved with 0.30 carat of the finest quality D-E-F / IF-VVS diamonds. A black diamond version makes for a unique alternative.

    The 18 k yellow, pink or white gold setting weighs 5.8 g.

  • Paved Diamond Solitaire Ring "Jonquille"


    Like the daffodil with its central corolla surrounded by its petals, the diamond solitaire « Jonquille » conceals in its center a brilliant-cut diamond accompanied by multiple small diamonds.

    Three very fine rings, paved with 0.40 karat of diamonds (88 x 0.9 mm), support the brilliant-cut diamond of 1.20 Karats

    The mount, in 18Kt plain gold, weighs at least 8.5 g. The jewel, includind its 2 rings, is 6.2 mm wide.

  • Fashion diamond eternity ring Lemon Blossom


    A glamourous diamond ring which can be worn alone or alongside the same model in a different colour, this original anniversary or wedding band is paved with 0.50 ct G / VS diamonds .
    The 18 K yellow, rose or white gold setting weighs 4.0 g.

  • Emerald-Cut Diamond solitaire paved on...


    A symbol of beauty and feminine temptation for centuries, jasmine is one of the most fragrant flowers used in perfumery.

    Like jasmine, the diamond solitaire « Jasmin » appears sober and refined, rich and seductive.

    The ring carries at its center a diamond of 1.15 karat emerald-cut of very high quality certified by a recognized and independent laboratory (color G and purity VS).

    The central stone is illuminated on each side with 0.27 karat diamonds set on 3 rows.

    The 18kt gold setting weighs a minimum of 6.0 g.

  • Paved Diamonds Band Ring "Pimprenelle"


    Like the small and dense flowers of the Pimprenelle, the band headband « Pimprenelle » is paved with many small diamonds.

    This original diamond alliance is thus set with 1.46 carat of G / VS diamonds (meeting the quality criteria of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp).

    The 18k gold mount is 8mm wide. Its weight is 7.0 g minimum.

  • Split shank eternity ring Digitale


    A very architectural design for this diamond engagement ring where the centre diamond (0.30 to 1.5 ct) is magnified by a split diamond shank. We offer a model with a central diamond of 0.30 ct (4.2 mm) and 48 side diamonds for a total of 0.28 ct or model with a 1.0 ct ( 6.5 mm ) central diamond with a setting of 32 side stones (total 0.60 ct).

    The 18 k gold split shank setting weighs 5.0 to 7.5 g.

  • Diamond Alliance 0.63 Carat of diamonds -...


    "rail" set and refined for this diamond alliance made out of 9 round diamonds of 0.07 carat each , 0.63 carat in total.

    The mount in white, yellow or pink 18 k gold weighs 4.3 g minimum.

    The invisible set of the diamonds and the fineness of the ring give it elegance and refinement.

  • Split shank eternity ring Jonquille


    If you are looking for an diamond engagement ring with some extra sparkle, this ring may be exactly what you are looking for : Three very fine shanks paved with 0.40 c of diamonds ( 88 x 0.9 mm ), supporting a round diamond of 1.20 c G/VS1 .

    The 18 k gold split shank setting weighs 8.5 g. The ring is 6.2 mm wide.

  • Diamond Alliance - Invisible Set -  "Azalée"


    The « Azalée » diamond ring carries 7 princess-cut diamonds of 0.06 carat each : Extra-white (G) and high grade clarity (VS) diamonds for a total of 0.41 carat.

    The stones are set with rail on a 18k gold setting.

  • Crown pave diamond ring with 2.0 ct...


    Be the centre of attention with this sumptuous cocktail diamond ring with a 2.0 ct round diamond at its core. N-O / VVS, the colour is deliberately slightly yellow to distinguish between the central diamond and the bright white colour of the crown. 

    The crown (17 mm in diameter) is finely paved with 195 diamonds, G / VVS, of 1.3 mm for a total of 2.0 ct and showcases the stunning central diamond. The 18 k white, yellow or pink gold setting weighs 13.0 g.

    The ultimate show-stopper diamond ring.

  • Perfect Eternity ring 7 diamonds Calla


    The most classical and perfect semi wedding ring holding 7 diamonds.

    The stones are crimped with 4 claws on a 18  gold white, yellow or pink setting.