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Large band diamond wedding rings - Private Diamond Club

Large band diamond wedding rings

Anyone who wishes to skip dainty, delicate wedding bands will fall head over heels for our large band diamond wedding rings. These diamond rings are big and bold, showcasing stunning diamonds and glittering gold in a very stylish way. These aren't just regular wedding bands; these pave diamond rings are designed to be shown off, looking beautiful with an engagement ring or even by themselves. A woman who loves diamonds will feel like a queen when having one of these stunning rings placed on her finger on one of the biggest days of her life. Different settings, diamond shapes, and sizes make each of our large band diamond wedding rings uniquely beautiful. Round cut diamonds, baguettes, and pear cut stones give each ring its own distinct look, while showing off the beauty that only genuine certified diamonds radiate. The bands of these rings are thicker, holding even more diamonds than traditional wedding bands and having a brilliant look that is unrivaled. Each of our large band diamond wedding rings are set in 18 karat gold for that lustrous look that beautiful bridal jewelry should have. Select from yellow, white, or pink gold for a personalized touch, perfect for matching one of these rings beautifully with any engagement ring. These beautiful rings are perfect to help any bride shine on her special wedding day.