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New jewels

  • Ring with an Oval Blue Sapphire of 4.24...


    A sapphire of more than 4 carats of intense blue takes place at the top of this magnificent diamond ring of Antwerp.

    The oval sapphire is set with double claws on an 18 kt gold ring (white, yellow, pink or red gold). The ring receives 171 brilliants of very upper quality, for a total weight of 0.77 carat.

  • Ring with 3 Naturally Colored Diamonds...


    This sublime ring consists of 3 rings in 18 kt gold (white gold, yellow, pink or gold) set with 80 brilliants of very high quality and Clarity.

    Each ring receives a cushion-cut diamond of natural color ( "Fancy colors" diamonds).

    The set gives a sumptuous ring, colorful and most brilliant thanks to 1.57 carats of upper quality Antwerp diamonds.

  • Ring with a Fine Pearl and Diamonds "Belle...


    The fine pearl coiled in this elegant 18 kt white, yellow, pink or red kt ring is accompanied with 33 very high quality and clarity diamonds representing 0.23 carats of Antwerp diamonds.

    These diamonds, crimped rail on the ring that receives the pearl, enhances the brilliance of this very trendy round pearl.

  • Topaz and 32 Antwerp diamond Ring...


    Dare to color to adorn your finger ! An intense London Blue Topaz adorns the center of this diamond and colored stone ring.

    The 18-kt gold mount is also equipped with a round-cut topaz of 0.52 carat and 32 brilliants D / E / F color and LC / VVS clarity for a total of 0.55 ct.

    These Antwerp diamonds are spread over the topaz and the gold ring. Give yourself the quality of Antwerp with this diamond / topaz ring on an 18 kt gold setting.

  • Diamond Ring with a central Diamond...


    This diamond ring carries in its center a round diamond from Antwerp of 0.5 carat of very high quality ( E color: exceptionnal white ) and VS2 clarity. This diamond from Antwerp is set with a claw and is accompanied on all round the head of paving diamonds D / E / F color and LC / VVS clarity. This paving, consisting of 32 brilliants in all continues on the ring to give an "entirely" in diamonds jewel The frame is in 18 k white gold, yellow, pink or red and weighs 5.1g.

  • Alliance with a frame out of Gold 18k with...


    The 17 exceptionally high-quality, extra-white diamonds are set on a fine 18k gold setting with other choice of color.

    The slim frame, which receives the diamonds on the top of the ring will illuminate your finger thanks to the reflections of the many diamonds that adorn this diamond ring.

  • Alliance with 17 Brillants "Cichorium"


    A thousand-grain setting gives this 18k gold ring (white, yellow, pink or red) a rare delicacy and elegance.

    The diamonds representing 0.13 ct, 15 in number are of a perfect quality and clarity. This very affordable diamond wedding ring is the most sought among wedding rings for ladies seeking a discreet and high quality wedding ring.

  • Diamond Alliance with 17 Brilliants "Nigelle"


    A fine and elegant diamond wedding ring in 18k gold. 17 brilliants of exceptional white color and very high clarity are crimped wit claws all around the alliance.

    At once sober and elegant, this wedding ring represents a magnificent proof of love for those who will receive and wear it.

    The 18k gold setting is available in gold or in other different colors.

  • Diamond pendant "Carlina"


    This sublime pendant is composed of a central diamond of high quality (Color F and clarity VS2). This main stone, round, weighs 0.31 carat. It is nestled in a paved loop of 18 diamonds of upper quality (D / E / F color and  LC / VVS clarity ) set claw.

    The frame in 18k gold yellow, white, pink or red weighs 4.2 g (without the chain).

    The main pattern measures are 12.6 mm x 10.5 mm.

  • Alliance with 80 Brilliants of Ultra High...

    This alliance is set with 80 round diamonds of ultra superior quality (color D / E / F and LC / VVS clarity). Fine and elegant, with its round 18k gold ring design, this wedding ring is perfect for women lovers of sparkling but always discreet rings. Its choice of four gold colors (white, yellow, pink or red) will allow your wedding ring to match your look or match it with other diamond jewels.
  • Plain Gold 18 k alliance with 50 diamonds...


    Classic 18k yellow gold, white, pink or red alliance ring, set with 2 rows of 25 ultra-high quality shine (D / E / F color and LC / VVS clarity) with a total of 50 diamonds for a total weight of 0.40 carat.

    Sober and elegant, it will brighten your finger.

  • Spring Shaped Ring 2 main Brilliants And...


    A ring with a very original shape, coming directly from the brains of our artisans-jewelers of the Antwerp diamond district.

    The 18k gold frame of this diamond ring adopts the shape of a spring ! The central ring is set with 25 very high quality diamonds (D / E / F color and LC / VVS clarity) wheiging 0,41 ct.

    At the top of the 2 loops of the spring are set with claws 2 brilliant-cut diamonds of high quality (color F / G / H and clarity SI).

    The gold frame, color of choice, weighs 10.7 g

  • Ring with 76 Brilliant-cut diamonds Set...


    This sumptuous ring is set with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds. The table of this diamond ring receives 25 diamonds evenly distributed over a 5x5 square. The other diamonds, set with claws, are distributed on 2 sides of the ring and on both sides on the double branch ring at the base. The two parts of the ring meet to form a single ring under the finger.

    The frame is in 18k yellow, white, pink or red gold and weighs 7.4 gr.

    The diamonds are of very upper quality and meet the 8 highest quality diamond criteria: especially in terms of color and clarity.