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The numbered authenticity certificate is the diamond's official identity card.



Every gemstone is unique (not two pieces are alike) and responds to an unique combination of quality criteria (for diamonds, an unique combination of eight quality criteria). Whatever the origin of the diamond, the international quality standards are equal.

The « identity card » belonging to a specific stone, cannot be interchanged with another. The certificate enables you to compare stones; For example to compare two diamonds of the same weight, but of different qualities.

Certificat d'authenticité

In the beginning only the large diamonds of superior quality were given a certificate. Because of increasing demand and the need of objective evaluation for the client, numbered certificates were handed out more and more starting from 1970.

It is presented as a printed form, on which all the characteristics, based on the eight criteria of examination of the diamond are specified : form, colour, clarity, symmetry, proportions, finish or polish and the degree of fluorescence. The diamonds are presented in a sealed envelope on which the number of the identity certificate is mentioned.




The certificates addressing to the quality of the stone are the result of thorough examination.

The value of the diamond is based on the 8 criteria of quality, that give the possibility to judge the diamonds characteristics. A certificate does not automatically give value to the stone. A diamond evaluated by the same company selling it, makes the evaluation less objective. We advice you to avoid the « inhouse certificats ».

The certificate is only of value when the laboratory that has published it, is recognized worldwide by official organizations in the diamond industry.

All precious stones over 0.30 carat offered by the Private Diamond Club are certified by one of the following three best independent laboratories, recognized worldwide:

- The HRD (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant )
Office : Antwerp ( Belgium )
Visit the website https://www.hrdantwerp.com/en

- The GIA ( Gemological Institute of America )
Offices : USA – Italy – Hong Kong –Japan – Korea – China - Thaïland – TaÏwan – United Kingdom – Russia
Visit the website www.gia.edu

- The IGI ( International Gemological Institute )
Offices : Antwerp ( Belgium ) – USA – Japan – India – Thaïland
Visit the website https://www.igi.org/

The cost of certification varies from a few tens of euros to several hundred of euros depending on the weight and type of stone (diamond or colored stones). The delay varies from a few days to several weeks.

A laser inscription of the certificate number on the rondi or table of the gemstone is possible as well as some words, such as "I love you" or "my love for life". The cost of this registration is several hundred euros. This inscription is not visible to the naked eye but only to the binocular loupe magnifying 10 times.