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1. You are well informed without any pressure and without stress

By buying your diamonds and jewels on the site of Private Diamond Club, you make your purchase in full knowledge of the necessary information which we provide on our site.
You just have to click the tab DIAMOND EDUCATION, at the bottom of the page to the left, to read the necessary information about the 8 criteria of the diamond which determine its value. Besides, by clicking the photo of every jewel a detailed index card will be presented to you on the technical characteristics of this jewel, including on the white, yellow or pink gold or out of platinum setting on which are set one or several diamonds.
Before to decide for your purchase you can take as much time as requested, inquire by consulting our documentation, inform you by asking us your questions by telephone or by mail, compare the models and the prices which we are proposing to you. All this is made without any pressure, without stress, quietly from your home and you have all the time - days, weeks, months - to make your opinion and decide in full knowledge of the facts.

2. Directly from antwerp, you save 30 % to 50 %

Our prices are 30% to 50 % below high-street prices. Indeed, you will save all the commissions of the intermediaries (traders, importers and wholesalers) as well as the running costs of a classical retail shop. We supply from the source : our diamonds come directly from cutting shops or from the Diamond Exchange Centers of Antwerp. The Settings are manufactured locally and the diamonds are set within the diamond district of Antwerp.

3. All our diamonds are certified by independent laboratories which make authority all over the world.

By buying your diamonds at Private Diamond Club, you receive in the form of a certificate of authenticity the proof of the quality of your stone. All our diamonds of more than 0,50 carat are analyzed and graded according to the international rules by one of three best worldwide renowned laboratories of certification:
- The Hoge Raad Voor Diamant ( HRD),
- The Gemological Institute of America ( GIA)
- The International Gemological Institute ( IGI)
For diamonds with a weight below 0,50 carat, the one or several stones or even the complete jewel itself will be certified on request of the customer.
Our proposed diamonds answer satisfactorily to the 8 superior-quality criteria of the diamond: shape - weight - colour - clarity - symmetry - proportions - polishing - degree of fluorescence. For more information, please make a click on the tab EDUCATION DIAMOND which appears, below to the left, of every page of the site.

4. Our deliveries are free and made within 8 days

The expeditions and the deliveries of all orders are free and are made within 8 days; it doesn't matter the place of reception which is requested for your purchase.
These expeditions and deliveries are in the hand of an Antwerp specialized company in the transport of diamonds and jewels. Parcels are insured and brought up to the place for a delivery in person by the Company FEDEX (Federal Express Company). All the expenses for these deliveries are charged to the PRIVATE DIAMOND CLUB which offers them to you for each of your orders.

5. Your on-line payment is 100 % insured by ogone

Your payment is totally reassured by the operator of payment OGONE.
The purchase of jewels and precious stones on internet is possible thanks to safety organizations. The systems of payment automated by the Private Diamond Club are under control of the well known international organization, OGONE, who uses coded procedures so that your data are 100% reassured .
OGONE is one of the main international operators of services of payment (PSP - Payment Services Provider). Benefiting from a connectivity with the majority of the major banks and the buyers on five continents, OGONE allows to strengthen the management of more than 80 international means of payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), in Europe, in Asia, in North America, in Latin America and in the Middle East - and alternate (PayPal, Checkout by Amazon etc.). All the deals benefits from a secure treatment, from advanced features of management, and from elaborated systems of preventions which notably protect the sensitive data of our customers.

6. You have the privilege to buy your diamonds and your jewels directly from experts in antwerp, world capital of the diamond.

You have the privilege to buy directly from your home, without you moving, your diamonds and jewels in Antwerp, World Capital of The diamond, within the diamond district of Antwerp.
The diamond activities are administered by the Antwerp World Diamond Center - AWDC - who established the standards of the industry, control the professional ethics and provide the necessary education and trainings on diamonds. The centre is located between three blocks of the diamond district where more than 12 000 cutters and polishers of diamonds work for hundreds of companies. In this space which is under surveillance twenty four hours a day, the security is assured by the sole special police in the world specialized in the protection of the world diamond centers.
Every year 80 % of the rough diamonds and more than 50 % of the cut diamonds pass in transit by Antwerp from the main producing countries under the control of the producing companies which are DE BEERS of South Africa, RIO TINTO ZINC of Canada and ALROSA of Russia. Four Diamond Exchange Centers for rough diamonds and cut diamonds are sharing the diamond activity of Antwerp.

7. You have the guarantee of the origin of your diamonds

Our diamonds are only acquired with the members of the "Kimberley Process" who apply the system of certification of the Kimberley Process, guaranteeing that diamonds result from legal sources and are not used for the financing of armed conflicts.
The world industry of the diamond is under control of procedures organized and guaranteed by the UNITED NATIONS. The certification procedures of the Kimberley Process de - known under the name of KPCS - bring the necessary guarantees of transparency and follow-up since the origin of the extraction of diamonds.
The transparency is insured by the members who watch that no diamond can be sold and sent without that its origin is known. A certificate of the Kimberley Process has to accompany every stone, validated by the government of the country of origin which makes sure that it is not about a forgery.
The business is made between member companies which respect the Kimberley Process and which declarations are reliable. Any country which could not prove the origin of certain diamonds is excluded from the Kimberley Process. The World Diamond Council oversees the KPCS and makes sure of the permanent respect of the commitments taken by their members.

8. You can create yourself your personalized jewel

You have the possibility of creating your own jewel by selecting the diamond of your choice and one of the proposed settings. On one hand, we cannot present on the site all our models and, on the other hand, for the exposed models, we cannot show them with all the weights and all qualities of possible diamonds.
To obtain an estimate for the jewel which you wish to create, use the requested form by clicking on the tab QUOTATION REQUEST which you will find on the superior navigation bar of the home page of the Site, just before that of the Blog .
You can also, by using this form, ask us for an estimate for a personalized jewel by passing on us a drawing or a photo of the jewel which you wish to make realize.
You can also for any specific demand use the telephone or the mail to contact one of our experts in diamonds and jewels which will clarify for you the procedure to satisfy your expectations.

9. You have 30 days to try your jewel

The jewel you received does not exactly match your expectations? You have the option to choose another mount within 30 days of the date of receipt.
Indeed, we have implemented a return policy within thirty days to best meet your wishes. This in the legitimate concern to give you satisfaction so that your acquisition corresponds to what you expect.

10. Our customers department, organized with experts in diamonds and jewels from antwerp, is permanently at your disposal.

If you do not obtain a sufficient answer to one of your questions on the site do not hesitate to call us by telephone or to send us a mail to the address contact@private-diamond-club.com
From all countries of the world, you can call our number in Antwerp: who appears on every page of our Internet site. It will be answered every demand by one of our experts in precious stones and jewels.
You benefit of a first class service on behalf of an international Company thanks to our experts in diamonds, to our jewel artisans since several generations as well as of our unique team which prior concern is to give you satisfaction and to allow you to acquire, in the best possible conditions, the jewel of your dream.