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February 14, the Valentine's Day, the lovers' day, is the real good day to offer a jewel.

Loving couples take the opportunity to exchange sweet words and gifts as a proof of love but also roses, emblems of passion.

This celebration has its source in the 14th century in Great Britain still a Catholic country. Thus Valentine's Day, February 14 th, was celebrated as a lovers' day. Indeed, it was thought that birds chose this day to "couple".

Staying alive in the Anglo-Saxon world, like Halloween, this holiday then spread across the continent more recently.

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp has selected for you the most suitable diamond jewelry for Valentine's Day.

With the commitments of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp , fine jewelry at exceptional price is a real invitation to succumb to the temptation to offer for the Valentine's Day, a sure and eternal value.

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