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Deliveries within 8 days are free of charge


The jewels of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are manufactured locally in Antwerp in our manufacturing and setting facilities located in the diamond district of Antwerp.

Diamonds in all categories, set on diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond solitaires, diamond alliances and half diamond wedding rings, diamond pendants, diamond earrings and other diamond bracelets and necklaces , come directly from the famous Antwerp diamond cutting shops renowned worldwide for the quality of their services and the work of excellence of their experts to get their selected diamonds from a rough state to a cut diamond.

After the setting, the jewels are inserted in luxurious black boxes on which are stamped in gold letters the prestigious brand-logo “Private Diamond Club of Antwerp”.

These boxes accompanied by certificates of authenticity from HRD Antwerp, New York GIA or IGI Antwerp are directly collected by the authorized representatives of the MALCA-ALMIT Company whose offices are also located in the diamond district of Antwerp.

MALCA-ALMIT is a full service courier company with a 22 years record of providing the highest quality personalized service and the most efficient logistic solutions for diamonds, jewelry, gold, coins, bank notes, and valuable documents. MALCA-AMIT’s international team of logistics, security, custom brokers and special operations experts are on hand 24/7 to ensure a smooth, expedient and professional service tailored to a company’s requirements.

As soon as the package is in the hands of MALCA-ALMIT a "Tracking" number is issued and confidentially communicated to the Manager of deliveries of the Private Diamond Club, which in turn informs the client. The package is then routed and followed by the private carrier FedEx whose department specializes in the transportation of diamonds and jewelry is also located in the diamond district of Antwerp.

As MALCA-AMIT and FedEx, the customer is able to geographically trace the parcel on the internet with the "tracking" number in its possession and to keep informed, at all times, of the exact position of the shipment through the websites of the various delivery offices of FedEx.

The nearest FedEx office to the place of delivery requested by the customer delivers the package to the customer in person after having set by phone with him the most appropriate time slot. The time between the moment the diamond or the jewel is collected in the workshops and when the delivery is made by hand, does not exceed 24 to 48 hours, regardless of the place of delivery.

All operations to collect and deliver all over the world are insured by the Private Diamond Club with the ANGLO-BELGIUM insurance company.

The Parcel include the package with the diamond or the jewel, the corresponding certificates of authenticity and the invoice. Within 15 days after delivery to the customer he receives by mail a Certificate of Value from the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp specifying the replacement value of the diamond or the jewel for his own insurance company.

To be pleased with their customers, the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp has decided to offer free of charge to all clients, regardless of the destination and of the value, the costs of all the operations described above and for all categories of orders and for all values.

Deliveries within 8 days of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are completely free of charge.