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Diamonds : a story that started over 3 billions years ago


Diamonds are as ancient as our continents, but the material is much harder and indistructable than other rocks on earth. The material is formed out of pure carbon that has crystallized under extreme pressure at very high temperatures. These oldest rocks date back 3 billion years.
Except a few « Venus from the sky » diamonds that were formed during meteor showers that landed on our planet, those diamonds found in the earth are formed at 200 kilometres depth, where the earth’s crust is at it’s thickest.

Vulcanic eruptions have brought « kimberlite » rock to the surface of the earth, from which diamonds are extracted. Covered in vulcanic rock, the kimberlite is easily brought to the surface through narrow chimneys (or pipes) that end in craters.

Erosion, caused by floods and the constant waterflow, has taken the upper layers of rock in rivers and streams that end in the sea. The first known find dates back to the 9th century and took place in the south of India. It is only untill much later in history, at the beginning of the 18th century, that diamonds are found outside India, in Brazil.

The ancient people of India think the diamond holds a « fragment of eternity ». The diamonds where worn as a talisman and commercialy traded. Strangely ignored by the Greek, considered by Romans as « the most precious material of the whole world », the diamond has always been regarded as magical. In the middle ages diamonds were said to have magical influence and even healing power.

Only in the 15th century, when the « brilliant » cut of the diamond is perfected (in the old days 36 facets), the diamond reveals it’s true beauty, it’s extraordinary aesthetic value.

Today diamonds are approached in a more pragmatic fashion than simply out of luxury and passion. When buying a diamond one must consider reason as well as pleasure.

Once worn by princes and the important people, diamonds are no longer unreachable. Diamonds represent a sentimental value, that men try to capture in extraordinary jewelry that all women dream of wearing one day.

The Private Diamond Club is devoted to make that dream come true for all women!