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The end of the year, with their celebrations, is a good time to offer a jewel. The many festive evening are also many opportunities for outings in evening dress adorned with the finest jewels !

In some northern European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, some Swiss cantons etc ...), in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic , Slovakia, Serbia, Greece and some Swiss cantons) and in the north and east of France the festive end-of-year period begins with the St. Nicholas.

In North America we celebrate the 4th Thursday of November Thanksgiving and in Canada the 2nd Monday of October the Thanksgiving Day.

These two festivals have their roots in the harvest festivals in Europe by the then very peasant and religious societies. They wanted to thank God for the happiness they had received during the past year.

Of course, there is Christmas, a holiday that is widely celebrated around the world. The year ends with New Year's Eve and the first of the year, an opportunity for many to wish a happy new year !

The Private Diamond Club Antwerp has selected for you the most suitable diamond jewelry for all these occasions to please and please you.

With the commitments of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp , high jewelry at exceptional price is a real invitation to succumb to the temptation to offer or offer to yourself for Christmas and to celebrate the new year, a sure and eternal value.

Rings and solitaires to offer at the end of the year

Pendants and Necklaces to offer at the end of the year

Bracelets to offer at the end of the year

Earrings to offer at the end of the year

Color stones jewels to offer at the end of the year