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We propose a very large number of diamond jewels on our site. It is therefore not possible, considering the number of possibilities of combinations : weighs of diamonds, quality in terms of color and clarity and variations of precious metals used, to make them all appearing on the web sites.
If a model caught your attention we can customize it for you according to all these criteria and thus adapt it to your needs, desires and budget. Do you have a particular idea for your diamond jewel ? Our artisans-jewelers are able to design and manufacture by hand the jewel of your dreams.

You can send us a drawing or a photo you want to inspire. You will then exchange with a dedicated interlocutor who will take care of the design of your unique jewel and will follow its realization with our jeweler’s artisans.

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp allows you to make your special diamond jewel, a unique piece at a direct manufacturer-jeweler's price !

Please contact us for a free information about your diamond jewel :

For this I inform you with as much details as possible as regard as the requested information below