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Why our customers rely on us?

We make no compromise with the quality of our products.

All our diamond jewels are guaranteed by the famous independent laboratories which are recognized all over the world. Materials used for the manufacture of our settings are strictly selected with the suppliers of precious metals. Our artisans-jewelers hold a knowledge of several generations. Our jewels answer all the superior-quality standards that we settled for the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp to satisfy best our customers.


Our value for money is exceptional because the satisfaction of our customers is our permanent concern.

Without intermediaries' commissions (traders, exporters, importers, wholesalers), without the costs of a retail shop and with a strict inventory control, our prices are lower by 30 % to 50 %. By purchasing your jewels with then Private Diamond Club of Antwerp you save on average, in equal quality, half of the price excluding tax. Why wanting to pay too much?


All our diamonds are supplied from cutting shops which put into practice the rules of the Process de Kimberley.

Every jewel with diamond and loose diamond delivered by the Club is guaranteed as not resulting from a source of conflicts. We are monitoring each diamond from the mine up to your jewel.


All our diamonds are certified by one of the world-famous laboratories which make authority all over the world: the HRD of Antwerp-the GIA of New York – the IGI of Antwerp.

Our diamonds of more than 0,50 carats are delivered with the corresponding certificate of authenticity on which are mentioned the 8 quality criteria of the stone: shape, weight, color, clarity, proportions, symmetry and degree of fluorescence. On inquiry, a certificate can also be delivered for each jewel.


The delivery of all orders is free of charge.

Not only the deliveries are free but they are totally insured until the jewel presented in an elegant present case is delivered in person.


Our Column EDUCATION DIAMOND gives you the possibility of becoming an "Expert in diamond ".

It allows you to purchase jewels in full knowledge and at the price which is convenient for you.


Our “30 days policy" is to avoid you to make any mistake of choice.

The " 30 days to try " policy of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp allows you to return the jewel bought during a period of 30 days according to the delivery date, for an exchange of the model with a value at least equal.


Our permanent promise is to let you have all the time which is necessary.

You will never feel any pressure, any intimidation of our part and any mark of pretentiousness. You have all the time which is necessary, without any influence of our part, and can ask for any question by mail or by telephone. We will answer with real pleasure and with the professionalism that you are entitled to expect from us.

Why to be a member of the Club?

Let us clarify at once that the Club is opened to all of you and that it is not necessary to be a member of the Club to buy with the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp and benefit to what we are proposing on our web site as some beautifull diamond ring.

Those who wish to be member will benefit from following additional advantages:

  • By receiving systematically Newsletters from thePrivate Diamond Club of Antwerp they are informed first and foremost about all the novelties even before they appear on the site www.private-diamond-club.com
  • They benefit at first of all the special offers of the Club, in particular the introductory offers of the new jewels as well as the ones of private sales.
  • They have a direct access by mail and phone with the Managing Director of the Private Diamond Club who provides them with his personalized advices on simple demand of their part.
  • They are the privileged actors by the Club to communicate their comments and suggestions on the activities of the Club.
  • They are the guests of the Club for the periodic demonstrations of the Club.

To become member of the Club you just have to join by clicking on " My Account "