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Do not hesitate to contact us at for our prices for the diamonds you are likely to acquire. We will gladly send you our best quotation with the 8 quality criteria for each diamond.

All diamonds provided by Private Diamond Club are conflict free.

Private Diamond Club has zero tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds and strictly adheres to measure such as the Kimberley process.

Invest in diamonds and buy a loose diamond with advices of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp.

Why a loose diamond?

Buying a loose diamond is an excellent choice for two main reasons. Firstly, if you desire to offer it, you could choose the mount which will adorn your loose diamond. Secondly, if you desire to buy a loose diamond as an investment, this choice includes a number of advantages. In both cases, thanks to our rubric « Diamond Education » you can choose your gemstone with full knowledge of cause, each characteristic of your loose diamond: carat, size, clarity, proportions, symmetry, etc.

Anyway, the diamond is the hardest mineral that exists on the Earth. That’s why there are some laudatory adjectives assigned to these gemstones deservedly: timeless, ageless, indestructible, eternal, etc. The Private Diamond Club allows you to choose the loose diamond that suits you according to your requirements and your budget.

Give yourself a diamond!

Buying a loose diamond is an excellent opportunity to make a sure investment that will add value over time. Indeed, indices of diamond over 1 carat prices showed a price increase of around 60% over the past two years. Due to its characteristics, a loose diamond presents many advantages:

  • It is a safe investment, because it is unalterable
  • It is likely to generate a profit
  • You can take your loose diamond anywhere with you
  • A portfolio of diamonds is divisible
  • Diamond as a safe investment requires no management
  • Their intrinsic characteristics remain the same forever
  • It includes a certificate of authenticity issued by independent laboratories recognized worldwide.

To build a heritage made of loose diamonds, it is important to respect some rules. To help you, our advisors are at your entire disposal to guide you to the diamonds that meet your needs.