FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1 - Why is the luxury of the jewels of Antwerp now affordable?

You buy directly from Antwerp, world Capital of superior-quality diamonds since 1447, with the Private Diamond Club which provides itself directly to the source with the cutting shops of Antwerp and with the main diamond exchange centers of Antwerp.

2 - Why is the price quality ratio of diamonds and jewels with diamonds of the Private Diamond Club the best?

The quality of the diamonds of Antwerp is recognized all over the world as the best. The selection of our diamonds by the best experts from Antwerp combined with the valuable negotiations between professionals based on the 8 criteria of selection of a stone allow us to offer you the best value for money. Besides, by buying directly with Private Diamond Club of Antwerp you avoid all the intermediaries's commissions (traders, exporters, importers, wholesalers) and the running costs of a traditional jeweller's shop. The whole, combined with a particularly rigorous management of stocks allows to propose lower prices from 30 % to 60 %.

3 - What is the quality of the jewel settings of the Private Diamond Club?

The golden bar is almost pure, titled in 24 carats, but is too soft to be used for the jewel industry. The white, yellow or pink gold of the Private Diamond Club is 18 carats. It is pure in 75 % and is mixed with some silver, some copper, some palladium and other metals to give the necessary rigidity. The platinum used by the Private Diamond Club is titled in 95 %, mixed with some palladium. On every jewel of the Private Diamond Club, you will find the official hallmark which guaranteed the exclusivity of the gold in 18 carats and the exclusivity of the platinum in 95 %. This official awl is the best protection for the buyer who is insured that the legal standards are respected.

4 - What is the quality of the diamonds set on the jewels of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp?

All the diamonds set on the jewels of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are 100% natural. No artificial diamond, treated or enriched in luminosity is used. For the jewels we set diamonds of any forms (brilliant, pear, oval, marquise, princess etc… of any weights (expressed in carats), of Color G and H and of purity VS and SI with a quality of exceptional cut. Diamonds VS and SI have minor inclusions which are not visible in the bare eye (it is that from 1 - P1 - that inclusions may be visible). Les diamonds of colour G ( extra white) and H (white) have a white colour without any yellowish reflection. So that the refraction of the light is the best, the diamonds for jewels selected by the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp all have Excellent or Very Good proportions, an Excellent or Very Good symmetry, an Excellent or Very Good degree of finish (tracks of polishing) and a Nil or Faint degree of fluorescence (See The 8 quality criteria of the diamond). We thus choose only diamonds offering the best refraction of the white light which penetrates and goes out of the stone. The light penetrates mainly by the top of the stone (by the table or the superior face of the diamond). Because of the index of refraction of the diamond, the highest, and by the mirror effect of the other facets, the light will go out again by the height of the diamond in a range of colors of the rainbow. This phenomenon is optimized when a diamond is perfectly cut, when its proportions are optimal, its symmetry the best and its polishing degree the best. The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp selects only diamonds offering the best refraction of the white light which penetrates and goes out of the stone.

5 - What are the shapes of diamonds set on the jewels of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp?

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp uses mainly 3 shapes of diamonds for its jewels: - The round cut diamond: by far the most popular shape of diamond because its cut in 57 facets allows to obtain the best refraction of the light. It is used on all the settings: diamond rings and solitaires, diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and pendants and color stones jewels. - The princess cut diamond: square shape knows at present a renewal of interest in the jewel industry for the solitaires and earrings with diamonds. - The pear cut diamond: a pear shape, also known under the naming "droplet", is a combination of the brilliant round cut and a marquise cut. It is often presented in diamond pendants.

6 - May I engrave a message on my jewels?

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp can engrave a name, a date or a short message on your jewels. To do it, you can contactus.

7 - How can I insure my jewels?

All our deliveries are the object of a special insurance which covers all the risks inherent to the transport and to the delivery of jewels bought with the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp. In the case you would like an insurance for your jewels please contact our experts in jewellery at norbert-aurelien@private-diamond-club.com or by phoning at + 32 32 27 08 20.

8 - What are the 4Cs and the 8 quality criteria to determine the value of a diamond and the certificates of authenticity?

Everything is explained here

9 - What means the Kimberley Process against the illegal business of diamonds and the diamonds of the war?

See The Kimberley Process

10 - What are the applicable taxes to the prices presented on www.private-diamond-club.fr?

The prices presented on the site of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp always exclude the VAT ( which sole application concerns the countries of The European Union) and exclude the taxes of import and export and the other local taxes for the customers living outside of the European Union. Taxes are calculated according to the country addressee: - The customers of the countries of the European Union will see the price presented for their jewel increased by the amount of the applicable VAT in Belgium (21 %) during the order process.
- For the customers outside of he European Community , the VAT is not applicable. The charged price is thus the price shown on the site. For the countries which apply a customs tax or other local taxes, these will be payable in reception of their buying (Click here to be informed about the indicative amount of taxes for the main countries outside the European Union). No other supplementary cost is added to your invoice. The expenses of packaging, transport, insurance and delivery are free of charge and offered to all customers of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp.

11 - How are jewels packed?

All the jewels of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp are presented in a case present which is placed in a parcel specially conceived to assure all necessary protection during the transport.

12 - What are the international transport and delivery companies used by the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp? How to follow a parcel on delivery?

The international deliveries are made by specialized companies: Brinks, Fedex or UPS. In Belgium, the Private Diamond Club uses UPS. You can follow your delivery on internet when receiving by e-mail the follow-up number of your parcel. The deliveries of all orders are free. The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp takes care of all the costs of transport, insurance and delivery of the parcels to their customers.

13 - What are your payments conditions and the applicable safety standards in payment by card?

Your payments with the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp can be made: - By credit transfer
- Or in cash (only for purchases made in the office of our company in Antwerp)
- Or by cards Visa, Mastercard or American Express via Paypal. The application of our safety standards include: - The application of the most advanced standards of safety, such as SSL 3.0 128 bits
- A platform of payment 3x guaranteed by American Express, MasterCard and Visa (PCI DSS) for the use of the most extreme safety standards.
- The systematic filtering of the deals by OGONE whose technology by the encoding of the information concerning the credit cards provide a 100% safety.
- The refusal to accept payments by credit card stemming from countries at risk, further to the recommendation of the Finance companies of credit cards management.

14 - How to proceed if I wish to send back a bought jewel?

The " 30 days to try " policy of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp allows our customers to readjust the setting of the bought jewel during a period of 30 days according to the delivery date. The jewel must be sent back in its original state. We advise you to get in touch with our customer service on contact@private-diamond-club.com or by phoning at + 32 32 27 08 20 before sending back your jewel.

15 - Do many Internet users buy on-line jewels?

Yes they do and more and more. Contrary to given ideas, the purchase of a diamond jewel on-line is more reassuring than in a traditional jeweller's shop: to make a mattering purchase, so from a much sentimental point of view as from a financial point of view, the Internet user has all his time to inquire without pressure and without stress from to his home (to see all which is to be known on the site www.private-diamond-club.com and to www.private-diamond-club.fr), make sure that the 8 quality criteria are respected, compare the prices and watch that the conditions of purchase and delivery are convenient to you. Furthermore, in case of dissatisfaction, the acquisition can be returned under 30 days. The first on-line sites selling diamond jewels started about fifteen years ago in the USA. BLUE NILE, the pioneer, sells nowadays for more than 350 million USD a year. Besides, the sales of the e-business of jewels in the world reached in 2011 approximately 5 billion US dollars (on a total world market of 80 billion US dollars). The up-market gains ground more quickly than average and downmarkets. The Private Diamond Club is the only brand of jewels of Antwerp marketing exclusively on-line its diamonds and jewels directly from Antwerp, without any intermediary and without any retail sales point.

16 - What are the advantages to make a purchase of on-line jewels with the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp?

You do not have to move from your home and you make your choice from your screen (computer, tablet, Smartphone) without any pressure of a salesman and without stress, by taking all the time which is necessary. It is much faster. You choose and communicate the necessary information. You just have then to click on the buttons of action. There is much more choice than in a jewelery shop. The e-business site of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp presents more than 12 000 certified diamonds and hundreds of jewels references what is disproportionate with the choice which is proposed to you in a traditional shop. The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp provides all the necessary information to buy in full knowledge one or several diamonds which will be set on the jewel of your choice. With the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp you can ask for a personalized jewel. You just have to use the form quotation request which you will find on the navigation bar of the homepage, at the top and to the right, to obtain a proposition. You can also add a drawing or a photograph of the jewel which you wish to see realizing specially for you. You will buy with the Private Diamond Club, directly from Antwerp, diamonds and jewels at exceptional values for money. The luxury of a jewel of Antwerp is now affordable. A jewel from Antwerp and nothing else !!